Problems with verbatim +R DL

From what I have read on this site the Verbatim +R DL are high quality DL. I just burnt a DVD onto one and the menus work fine but the show hangs about 20 min into it. I also cannot skip past the 4th chapter to jump the error, Any ideas? I have a sony dru800A with firmware KY06. I also use nero recode 2 software

What did you use to burn the disk? If possible, you want to create an .iso file and burn it to DL disks with ImgBurn.

Been too long since I’ve looked at Recode, so I don’t remember if it can output to an ISO, but I know DVDShrink can.

Just curious—how big was this movie that you had to use Recode AND put it on a dual layer disk?

I used recode to burn the disk, I can burn to image recorder is this the same as ISO. The movie is 7.9 gb. Tried to compress to fit on DVD5 but recode could not do it. I have it copied to my hard drive at the moment.

Ok, here is something to try.

I don’t know if you are familiar with the free program DVDShrink or not, but it was written by the same guy who made Recode for Nero. Download it ( ) if you need to, then open the dvd files on your hard drive with it. Shrink will analyze the files, then you need to change the compression from Automatic to NO Compression. Ignore the error message Shrink gives you about the file being too big. Hit Backup. Here you can change the output of Shrink from regular files to an ISO. Go ahead and start the backup and you’ll get the ISO file on the hard drive. This won’t affect quality of the video by the way, since you haven’t touched the amount of compression.

Now download ImgBurn—another free program. Use it to burn the ISO file to your dual layer disk. This should work ok if your original movie was encoded correctly to begin with.

If you want another option, I would look into a program called DVDRebuilder. There is a free version and a paid version. The free one works just fine. Using a good quality, free encoding program called HC (included) you can re-encode your movie to fit onto a regular dvdr with the best quality you might hope to maintain.

Burning to dual layer disks gets a bit expensive, so Rebuilder is a good option to fit large dvds down to a dvdr size.

tried DVDRB and I get a message telling me that a file is beyond the freeware’s capacity and I need to buy the pro version.

Wow, I have never heard of that happening. Of course I’ve been using the Pro version for some time now and haven’t been using the free one at all.

Still, this is the first time I’ve heard of that limitation in the free version. I wonder what the cutoff is? Anyway, that was my best shot at another solution for you. The iso path using Shrink should work if you still want to try to put it on a DL disk.

Scan the burned disk eg. using Nero cd dvd speed for quality.

the scan hangs at 18% and will not progress. I had some trouble starting the test, a few times I got a message “error in initializing test”. I attempted to scan a blank disk and the app. just hangs. I had to end task with task manager.

Creepy… :frowning:

So…are my disks f@#$%ed or is nero crap.

anyone out there have anymore suggestions

I’d say that Nero is still crappy for burning DL.

I only trust in imgburn.

allrighty, I try to use ImgBurn and I get this message;

"Optimal L1 data zone start LBA: none found (VTS_01)
this image has not been mastered correctly for burning onto a double layer (OTP track path) disc.

None of the cells meet the ‘DVD-video specification’ criteria for a potintial layer bread position

Do you want to continue anyway?"

So what do I do now? If I continue will it work or ruin another disk?

You’ll just create another coaster if you try to burn this. Your dvd isn’t encoded correctly in its current form and the layer break won’t be set correctly. Where did you get this anyway? You may want to start over from scratch, using the original disk.

If it is a commercial dvd, then rip with DVDDecrypter to an ISO and burn with ImgBurn to a dual layer disk. If it has one of the newer protection schemes that Decrypter can’t handle, there are several options, including RipIt4Me, but if I were in your position, I’d download the trial version of AnyDVD, let it break the encryption, and then rip to the harddrive with Decrypter (turn off Check for Structure Protection in Settings in Decrypter first). Choose the mds file created with the iso when you burn with ImgBurn.

If you want more info on that error message, I’d suggest posting it on the forum at LightningUK might have a suggestion, and if so, it’ll certainly be more informed than anything I might say.

I already use DVD43 for decryption what are thouhhts on that decypter?

Create an MDS file by using imgburn and try again.
If the error comes again, you have to fix the VTS structure, maybe with ifoedit.

I’m only a newb myself, but wouldn’t pgcedit (another free program) be able to correct the layer break issues?

Copy the file using DVD Decrypter or Shrink to a VIDeo TS file not an ISO then use Img burn the MANUALLY SET THE LAYER BREAK. It worked for me.