Problems with Verbatim +R DL

I wondering if anyone have ever recieved bad sets of Verbatim dvd +R dl MKM 001. I bought 5 spindles of 10 like 2 months ago off newegg. The first 3 spindles were great. I scanned every other disc that i burnt and almost all of them recieved scores of 93-96 on nero cd/dvd speed tool. The 4 spindle was bad out of the 6 i used 3 failed to complete the burn (they failed at second layer) and the other 3 finished but had massive PO errors in the 1000s. I tried the 5 spindle which had 7 good discs with 3 bad discs.

I just bought a spindle of 20 discs from newegg a week ago and as of right now 2 discs failed to finish and other 2 has massive errors. I’m assuming the whole batch is bad.

For alot of the discs the errors while scanning the discs happen near the middle which i’m guessing is the layer break. All these discs were burned at 2.4x with my Benq 1640 BSRB firmware. I’ve used about 5 dvd +R DL spindles before all this and they were good too. All the verbatim discs boxes are labeled made in Singapore.

Is it possible for me to return these bad discs to newegg. Newegg does not let you return them through their normal RMA service because this is a consumable item. I have to go through their customer service department which i have yet to do. What should i say to them and has anyone else ever successfully return bad media to them.

I’m also wondering the possiblility of my drive getting too old and resulting in more bad burns and if i should get a better drive.

Maybe your drive got wrecked. Tested that already?

If new egg fails try contacting verbatim directly if it are the disc’s and you want to have them replaced.