Problems with Verbatim media

I have a problem with my Optiarc AD-7200A and the Verbatim DVD+R MCC 004 media Im using… I can burn the disks fine but when i try to make a benchmark test in Nero CD-DVD Speed it freaks out and jumps up and down and doesnt get anyware… But if i burn the same file from the same location with the same program on a Maxell DVD+RW it works just fine and I get a good result in CD-DVD Speed. Could this problem be solved by updating the firmware or is it just a bad batch of media? The strange thing is that the Verbatim media was working just fine up till now :frowning:

Would it be possible to save a screenshot of problem in CD-Speed with the defective disc, and let’s see what is happening?

  1. Make sure you’re using CDSpeed or later.

  2. Make sure your AD-7200A has firmware version 1.09.

  3. What part of the world are you located in?

  4. When you purchased the Verbatim media, did the label indicate which country it was manufactured in (Made In …)?

  5. Are you using the Optiarc internally or in an enclosure?

I did another scan on the same disc today and for some strange reason the scan looks pretty good too me? Before it would not even make it to 10x before jumping up and down like it was unable to read the disc…

  1. I could not find CDSpeed … is this Opti Drive Control program the “new” CDSpeed?

  2. Sweden

  3. Made in Taiwan

  4. Internally using IDE/PATA

Hopefully my drive stays stable with the burns and scans and everything from now on :confused: