Problems with Verbatim MCC 03RG20 at 16x

I bought two different packages of MCC 03RG20 here in Germany. One is printable, the other is not. My NEC 3540 (1.01 2005/05/23) is not able to burn the printable at 16x and with 8x it takes minutes to write the lead out. The non-printable does burn at 16x without any problems and the lead out is written in some seconds as it should. I noticed bot medias have different serial numbers:
Printable: MAP644JE19110662 1
Non-printable: MAP629JE04200580 3
The serials are looking nearly the same, so are they from the same fab? How can I get some information about the origin?

These are both CMC Magnetics serial numbers.

Under what brand were these MCC 03RG20 sold? Verbatim? Other?

Same problem here:

Scans Talk by itself…

What do you think?
This is a fake MCC 03RG20 disc?

Brand: V-MAX 16X speed
Serial: KM7A529030422

Recorded in PIONEER DVR-110D
16x --> 2 Coasters
8x --> Coaster
4x --> Acceptable, but not so nice…

Hmmm… And my Liteon SOHW-832s tells me this media can only be written @ 2x or 4x… I think liteon tells the true…


MCC 03RG20 is not supported for Liteon SOHW-832s drive fw VSOJ nor CG5J.

Only reports burnings @ 2X or 4X

It seems that Pioneer and Liteon not developed a write strategy for this media yet (in my case, and seems that NEC too)

maybe for that drive, liteon does have a good write strat for that media, just not for your drive (firm) it would seem

That’s definitely not a CMC serial number, or an MKM one, or a Prodisc one, and it doesn’t look like an MBIL serial either. Most likely, some Hong Kong-made disc using a Mitsubishi media code.

Yep these disc’s are usseing FAKE MCC MID code so the topic is very misleading because verbatim has nothing to do with this one.

People should understand that if they want disc’s with MCC code and technology and which should be made according to MCC standards that they can only trust verbatim/Mitsubishi or big named OEM’s like PHILIPS/SONY.
The last is only possible if you know the code befor buying.

:disagree: Wrong. MCC 03RG20 is implemented in both Pioneer 109 & 110 firmwares, and genuine ones give GREAT results in both drives. :wink:


Faked ones… Direct to the trash bin…

I’m lucky… I bought 5 discs only. I always do this to test new discs. If they are good then buy spindles of 50 or 100.

I burnt 4 and 4 are bad. Unreadable by players…

Hmmm. To liteon friends:
Why Omnipatcher doesn’t report this MCC 03RG20 media in stock VS0J and patched CG5J?

Only appears:

MCC 00RG200
MCC 01RG20
MCC 02RG20