Problems with Verbatim Dual Layer on 1650

Have been burning Verb dual layers today for the first time, and am disappointed and puzzled by my results. Here are my scans of 2 of my 3 burns so far, what do you think?

SB off/on
wopc on
os off
850-StarGate-SB Off-VerbDL_OM-BCFC.PNG

My second burn was looking similar until the end of the first layer when I got a “no additional sense information error”. The firmware had been changed to a speededited BCIC. I was so frustrated I didn’t even save this scan.

My third burn I burnt on my NEC 3520. This time I burnt at 4X. The first scan was on my BenQ the second scan was on my NEC. I don’t understand at all why the results seem to be reversed, the benq shows the errors at the end of the first layer, the NEC the second layer.
852-FMJ-NEC Burn-VerbDL_OM.PNG
852-FMJ-NEC Burn-NEC Scan-VerbDL_OM.PNG

Did I get a bad batch of Verbs or what, I don’t know what to do. I should mention that so far just skipping through them, they all seem to play okay on my computer. They have all failed TR tests, but the one I did a scan disk on looked fine.

I’m looking forward to hearing what you all think, I’ve learned a lot reading here but have never posted. Hope all my attachments work.

my verbatim DL discs usually give quality scores around 95% (like your first attachement with my benq1650 with BCIC firmware… but i get only around 700 000 pi-errors but around 10 000 pi-failures

u seem to know what ure doing but just to be sure with the 2nd burn, i wonder if ure burning from a fat32 partition since theres a filesize limit of 4 gigs with fat32 (but i guess u already know this)


Thanks for the reply, I am using all ntfs partitions. I am pretty much convinced I just got a bad batch of verb dl’s. The first burn/scan was my best and they just went downhill from there. The pi errors have remained pretty much the same but the pi failures have taken off.

This evening I e-mailed verbatim about getting some replacements, I hope they will take care of that as I bought 30. Take a look at my latest try.


burned on benq 1650 BCIC
SB on
OS off
Wopc on
burn speed 2.4x