Problems with VeloSSD 2.0.8 and more than one cached partition

Hello, as indicated in my former post I treid to cache more than one partition through VeloSSD Professional Edition v 2.0.8 My System: Multiboot Linux/Windows with one Windows 7 and one Windows XP for legacy applications. VeloSSD is used in Windows 7 only. In Windows 7 there are harddisk partions C to G on the first hd, then four partitons H through K on the second. I, J, K are used by Windows XP exclusively. Drive R: is my SSD destinied for the caching through VeloSSD, attached to the system via eSATA, size is 64GB. All partitions are NTFS-formatted. Please note if you need further details! (Mainboard, controllers and so on) First I took the trial version and cached drive C: (50GB) with a 20GB file on R:. No problems in doing that, several reboots included. I deleted the C:-caching after activating the Professional Edition and wanted to add four partitions: C: 50GB to R: 8GB file, instant reboot required after adding it. E: 20GB to R: 20GB, instant reboot required after adding it. Two error messages popped up saying “file not accessible” (Not literally!) and drive E: was not mentioned anymore in the VeloSSD GUI. So I tried other partitions: D: 20GB to R: 8GB file, NO reboot required. F: 200GB to R: 20GB file, NO reboot here too. The VeloSSD-GUI showed all three C,D,F as NTFS-Volumes I did some copying on the drives to get the cache used. After a reboot the drives D and F got some cryptic error and the GUI showed them with a - instead the NTFS. Deleted and readded D and F, reboot, same story. After the third reboot with D and F added came a popup requesting to reinstall VeloSSD due to an internal error. Since I can’t activate VeloSSD since the reinstall, I’m not able to test further. What to do next? Ciao, Martin Schneider


my expirence is that VeloSSD can only activated one time. If you need a new Activation you need to contact the Support.

this has been answered in:

Please read it up there.