Problems with usb

I have a Dell Optiplex GX240 1.8g with Windows XP sp2 and it doesn’t have 2.0 usb ports. As suggested I bought a 2.0 highspeed pci card and installed it and to no avail I ended up with four 1.1 ports and I can’t get my Ipod or smart media reader to work, even though I was told they should work with 1.1 . I emailed Dell and they said go to usbman, but I thought I would try here. Is there any help out there? Thank you in advance. :sad:

Check the BIOS, maybe you must adjust some USB settings first.


what chipset does this card have? You may also try another PCI slot. And don’t use any drivers that come with the card.


I don’t know what chipset it is, bu I tried it in all of my pci slots. Called I/Ogear and tech said that it should be working in 2.0, I have my scanner and printer hooked up to the new usb ports and they work, just not my ipod and smart media reader don’t work, but they work on my wifes Dell laptop.

Chances are you’ve got an ALi chip on that card. Get one with a NEC chip and don’t look back. :wink:

this trouble was happened with me too .

you can buy an usb cable " with high cost " and use your usb card from it

try that and tell me …

I had this problem as well. It ended up being a driver issue. When Windows XP went from SP1 to SP2, there were issues with high speed USB 2.0.

Specifically, my problem was with the PCMCIA Adapter, the o2micro cardbus controller. I updated the driver with a free download from the Dell website and it has been smooth sailing ever since.

Check to see what kind of cardbus controller you have on your system, and see if there is a download available from Dell.

Any questions about how to do any of that, let me know.

What kind of usb cable? Cardbus controller, are you talking about my pci card, I think it is Nec. Haven’t had much luck from Dell, they suggest, but all I could find on there was stuff about sp1, not sp2.

I’m not talking about your pci card.

Follow this:
from start menu, open controll panel
Click on "performance and maintenance"
click on "system"
click on the “hardware” tab
click on "device manager"
click on “PCMCIA Adapters” (this should show you the name of your
cardbus controller. write down the name.)

Go to
Highlight "notebooks"
click on "notebooks for home and home office"
click on the “support” tab near the top of the screen
click on "drivers and downloads"
enter the service tag number for your computer
(it should be on the bottom of comp. Website also has instructions to
find location)
click on "find downloads"
click on “show all”
(look for the name of your card controller, the one you wrote down.
It is probably under “chipset”.
If you find your card controller there, download the update and
install it. )
Let me know what you find, or if you have any other questions.
Like I said in a previous post, I had the same problem with my computer and BUS Card. It drove me nuts.

I went to the Dell website myself, and entered the computer name and number you posted.

Check out this download

In the description it talks about PCI services and USB support.

This might be what you are looking for.

Aren’t pcmcia cards for laptops and notebooks? I have a desktop and it uses pci cards. I went to the suggested Dell site and I have been there before, no help. Went to and it said Dell usb’s are problematic because of low voltage and suggested a powered usb port, I looked and could not find one. Not really sure what type of powered Usb port to get.