Problems with USB 2.0 interface and burn software

Hi all,

I’m having a problem myself now and need some help since I can’t figure out what’s the problem. I’ve bought some new hardware this week and now I’m having some problems reading media from my USB 2.0 devices. The hardware is a GigaByte 7VAXP motherboard with a VIA KT400 chipset using an AMD AthlonXP 2100+. There are 6 onboard USB 2.0 ports and I’ve attached two Plextor drives to them. Now here comes the weird part using the Plextor PX-W4824A drive:

-Writing discs is no problem, tried with CloneCD and Nero.
-Reading/accessing discs via Windows is no problem (eg. playing an audio CD with Media Player).
-Ripping audio with Exact Audio Copy works ok.
-Creating an image with Nero works ok.

Now here are some things that don’t work:

-When reading a disc using either CloneCD and DiscJuggler (creating an image) the programs fail. CloneCD keeps waiting for the media and locks up unless I turn off the USB 2.0 drive. DiscJuggler says there’s not enough room on the destination media (but there’s more than 20GB free space).
-When erasing a disc with CloneCD the process starts but when the drive is finished CloneCD keeps on displaying the message ‘Erase in Progress’ while the drive has obviously finished (spins down). I have to turn off the drive to get CloneCD to stop erasing. The disc has been erased properly as far as I can tell…
-Writing at 48X gives me buffer underruns at about 46X. When I use my internal 48X drives it works ok at 48X. 7.2MB/s shouldn’t be a problem for my hardware right? A 2100+ CPU and a UDMA100 should be fast enough.

I’ve already installed the latest VIA 4-in-1 drivers and the latest VIA USB 2.0 drivers. I’m using Windows XP. No ASPI installed. Any suggestions??

When I installed my new hardware I did not re-install Windows. I hate to do that… My RAM is 256MB PC2700 (333MHz although I think it’s running at 266MHz).