Problems with update,DVDfab3088

When i go to the update, it asks me to run it or save it. I save and let it replace the old ver. 3055. Ok, when i restart my pc, i go back to my documents, and it is still showing DVDFad 3055??? How do i know what ver. i am running or what i am doing wrong? I even tryed to run the program. Is it working and just not displaying the new ver. ???

When you save it then you have to go where you saved it and then click on it to install then you should be ok as it will install over the old version

Thanks jimbo, but i did go throu the install wizard and it restarted my pc. ,but it still shows the old ver. Is there some where else i can go or click on to see what ver. is running? Thankyou for your help!

Start dvdfab and at the right hand upper corner there is a ? click that then about and that will show you what ver is running BTW it should be .88 isn’t out yet :bigsmile:

It looks the same all the changes are internal so the looks won’t change

I just looked at my docs. and it just shows dvdfab not the ver.

Cool! thanks so much and yes it is showing 3086…typo 88. Thanks again

Great glad you got it solved and BTW welcome to the forum and come back anytime if you have a problem or not even just to say hi but if you do go the fab discussion thread for general chat