Problems with unpacking the OmniPatcher

I downloaded both the omnipatcher and the GSO2 firmware for my 451@851, but the .rar have nothing in them. The files are the right size and I have tried both Powerdesk and Winzip to open them. I have also downloaded them again, but same thing. Any ideas?
Also I am currently using a patched GSOF; will I see any benefit to the new omnipatcher and firmware. The only I can guess is that it will add auto bit setting.
It looks like a great tool if I can ever get it open.


We found that solid archiving with WinRAR does wonders with saving server space and bandwidth. Unfortunately, this also means that you need some specific software in order to extract these files…

Option 1: WinRAR… shareware (not freeware)… the latest version of it should be able to extract these solid archives without a problem

Option 2: unrar… freeware… command-line utility… latest version of which should handle our files without problems

Both WinRAR and the commandline unrar can be found at

I downloaded Omnipatcher and am unable to open it. I use winzip, but downloaded winrar and am still unable to open it. It asks for Alcohol 120 and a version I dont have, I tried a demo copy and that wouldn’t work. I deleted alcohol and it still asks for it to open the program. Any advice would be appreciated. Any chance you could put a winzip version on your site for the ones having problems with the rar version?

Am looking forward to trying your great program. Ron

:confused: Why opening a .RAR file would involve Alcohol is beyond me. Try using the freeware UnRAR utility.
Edit: updated link:

Edit: Or even better, use the utility that VAD suggests in the post following this.

Odd. WinRar should be able to open it, unless the file is corrupted or partially downloaded. I just checked, and it’s fine. Alcohol 120% has nothing to do with RAR archives.

Oh, I see code’s already replied :wink: If you have troubles with unrar… well, I just suggest 7zip, which is an open source s/w and capable of opening RAR archive.

BTW, what’s new in 1.0.3?

Oh neat! Thanks for the heads-up. :slight_smile: I didn’t know that there was an open-source alternative to WinRAR.

I was able to open the rar files with winrar. I couldn’t figure out unrar (free). Is 7zip as good as winrar. I’d prefer something free and gui based. RAR must have changed in a recent version, because I can open old rar files with Powerdesk, but not your new ones. Anyway, thanks for the Omnipatcher. I will try it soon.
I was just wondering since I have never tried kProbe, how bad do the scans have to be before they start causing problems with playback?

Thanks for the advice, I was not using winrar properly. I have the program opened and on the desktop. I have an 811 and use strictly Ricoh discs, so I will have to play around with this great program.

Thanks again,

Ok I downloaded the omnipatch LDW851FP. Now how do I open the folder. Sorry I guess I’m stupid. :confused:

The file is in a RAR compressed format.

Read this:

Free command line decompression utility:

Ok I downloaded XAce Plus extraction tool. How do I use it?

Ya know if I’m too dumb to decompress this file, maybe I better leave things alone before I get things all screwed up.

Don’t give up…
The XAcer you downloaded doesn’t work correctly.
Follow the instructions in an earlier post and download urar (the free command line (DOS) version). This one works with no problem.

Ok downloaded urar still can’t decompress the file. Guess I don’t know how to use the program. Oh well. Thanks. :frowning:

  1. create a directory and copy the three unrar files to it:
  2. copy the file you want to extract to the same directory.
  3. open a DOS window.
  4. cd to the new directory you created
  5. Type “unrar.exe e filename.ext” - change “filename.ext” to the exact file you want to decompress.
  6. now you have five files in the new directory.

Another alternative is the 7zip program that VAD suggested earlier in this thread. :slight_smile: Unlike unrar, 7zip is graphical, so you may find it easier to deal with.

FYI you can get Quickzip from WWW.TUCOWS.COM for .rar extractions along with something like 19 other file types. It’s freeware and it’s graphical.

Sorry to be such an idiot, but is there an easy way to download this omnipatcher? I’m not familiar with rar files.

This link should hopefully be helpful.

For me, RAR is easiest to use.