Problems with TY media



I’m getting consistantly poor burn quality with my new TY media (bought through, 16x DVD+R) on both my Sony/LiteON 1635S and BenQ 1650. The BenQ is using D, not H firmware due to reports of issues with H, and the LiteON is running YV6M. I get better results than this with 8x HP branded CMC! Based on scans I’d seen with this media I expected great things, but it’s been a massive disappointment.

I don’t believe they’re fake. Firmware is current on both drives (or nearly so) so I doubt it’s that. I have good IDE cables/drivers/etc and no real issues with burning in the past.

Quality scores are in the low 90’s in Nero CD/DVD Speed, and the discs are useable but I expected better results with this media, not worse. I consistantly get 95 with HP branded CMC, sometimes 97, in both drives. I’ve yet to see a TY disc burn better or even comparably to one of the CMC discs, even after 10 or so burns, about 50/50 in both drives. Any idea what’s going on here?



TY +R 16X are no where near as good as the 8X, sad but true. If you want better quality burns on 16X media, currently the best I have found is Verbatim 16X +R made by CMC. These are often at Office Max on sale for $15 per 50.

You might try burning what you have at 8X or 12X and stock up on the 8X +R TY while they are still around.


Would be -really- nice if that was stickied somewhere. People need to stop talking about TY like it’s some kind of god-media, too. This stuff is nothing but a massive let-down.


Probably so, but there are really no stickies bashing any media; even Princo has supporters. TY T03 has only been in the US for a very short time. Possibly later firmware will improve the burns. Give 8X a try. It could be much better, much +R is, and the time difference is small. BTW, what speed did you burn at? 16X is generally not a recommendation for any drive/combination. I have only seen one drive do as well at 16X as at 8X.


Which speed are you burning your T03 media at?

In my experience they are pretty much the only media I have that burn better the faster I burn them in most drives, so try burning at 16x or 12x if you’re not already doing that.

With your LiteOn 1635S you can also try upgrading to YV6N test firmware, and use SmartBurn 3.1.16t to enable HyperTuning and Online-HyperTuning.


Well we disagree on this one with this particular media on a LiteOn 1635S! :cool:

On my 1635S the burn quality with HyperTuning disabled is better at 16x and 12x than at 8x and much better than at 6x. With HyperTuning enabled the burn quality is more or less equal at 8x, 12x and 16x (unless scanned in a BenQ drive which pretty much hates all 12x and 16x burns from LiteOn drives).


You have more experience with TY T03 than I do so you will be more accurate than I. That is why I said “generally”. My opinion is based on the very few scans I have seen. I suppose I should get some and try it on all my drives.


You can find my scans of YUDEN000 T03 (batch TH001330) burned at 16x, 12x and 8x if you look here.
My results with HyperTuning enabled are consistently as good as or better than with HT disabled.

Some recent scans can be found here, here, here and here.
These are burned with unreleased YV6N FBD fastburn firmware.

All these are with the TH001330 batch/lot which is not the best you can get.

My results with the TH000021 batch/lot is better.
You can see my result at 16x with YV6M firmware and HT/OHT enabled here.

My point to all this is:

  • [li]Try updating to YV6N firmware[/li][li]Enable HyperTuning and OHT[/li][li]Try burning at 16x, 12x, 8x in that order.[/li]Slower than this will probably lower the burning quality.


DrageMester, I looked at your scans and I can’t see anything good in TY T03, especially when compared to TY T02. I am used to peak levels for PIE under 10 with total PIE under 10,000 and total PIF near 100-200. Have you found any T03 close to this?


The TH000021 scan [B]DrageMester[/B] posted more than meets your requirements, though it maynot look quite so good scanned on a BenQ (in my experience).

I think T03 discs from batch TH000021 should meet your standards :slight_smile: , I am certainly happy with the TH000021 discs I have.


@chas0039, as TL0 pointed out, you didn’t look close enough. See this scan.

The BenQ 16xx drives pretty much hate all 12x and 16x burns from LiteOn burners if you believe their scans, regardless of media (well, the BenQ drives hate some and really really hates some others).

Here’s the same batch of TH000021 burned at 16x on a BenQ DW1655 BCHB and scanned on the BenQ and a LiteOn. Does this meet your standards?


was that burn the exception or the rule?


With the TH000021 batch on the BenQ DW1655 with BCHB firmeware and SolidBurn/WOPC both enabled, that is the rule.

With BCDB firmware the PIEs were slightly higher, and disabling either SB or WOPC also makes the scans slightly worse.

With the LiteOn 1635S and HyperTuning firmware, the result I linked to is also typical with this batch.

As you may have noticed from my links in previous post, results with the TH001330 batch is not as good as with TH000021 - especially for PIE.


I [B]try[/B] not to be too picky but judge media by the [B]worst[/B] disks in a batch.
It’s better to check a few disks and be able to trust the rest.

I hope you don’t mind me borrowing that scan, I had to post it with credit
for non believers to see.


Hi Guys,

I have just bought some Verbatim +R TY T03 (TH000021) and when burned at 12x the pic below is typical of the results I get with SB - ON, WOPC - ON, OS - OFF. What am I doing wrong?



Nothing. That’s a typical result for TY T03 in my experience. For 16x DVD+R I get much lower PIEs from MCC 004, MAXELL 003, RICOHJPN R03 and Moser Baer MBIPG101_R05 discs.


This is a scan of MCC004. I think I’ll put my T03’s to one side until the firmware develops a bit more…


Thanks for the posting. It looks as though this media needs the “on the fly” burn adjustment of Solidburn. That is why so many of the scans I see are worse. As I recall you also have had luck with Liteon’s HyperTuning. This is exactly the opposite of what I have found for TY T02.

To set the record straight guys, I wasn’t blasting your results or coming in with an attitude. I just had not seen any really good results and as this will very soon be the only TY +R around I was worried. Fortunately, good old Drage has pinned down the variabe needed to make these discs work. I guess others will have to wait for better firmware. As I have both BenQ and Liteon that can do on the fly burn adjustments, I will rest easy when I run out of TY T02.


Wow, strange difference between what has been posted before for that batch of T03 media (TH000021), all the Plextor-branded T03 discs with that batch code posted so far have been much better than that.

Here is one burnt on BenQ 1620 with it’s [I]un-optimized write strategy[/I] at 12x:


…unfortunately I’m thinking my batch is to blame, here. Where are the batch numbers on these discs?


It is written clearly in the writing side on the disc near the hub.