Problems with Tsunami DVD author pro

I have recently been using the trial version of Tsunami DVD author pro and have been getting an odd error message. Some DVD-Ram disks from my Panasonic DMR ES10 are read without problem by the program yet others throw up an error message "File is not supported (error code 0x80048003)

I have spent hours trying to find what is causing this without success. I have seen many reports of sucessful imports of files from Panasonic DVD-Ram into this software.

I am using a NEC 4550 dvd drive, windows xp, AMD athalon 1800

Thanks for any helpful suggestions

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If files you can’t read are not corrupted maybe are in a format not supported by dvd author

DVD Author can read DVD RAM perfectly ok.

I would look at the discs themselves. Some DVD RAM makes are not very good. I only use Panasonic RAM discs.

I don’t think that it is the discs themselves - I am using Panasonic as well. Ulead videostudio reads them ok and they open in explorer without a problem. The really wierd thing is that two days ago DVD author was reading them without a problem.

Does you modify your system in any way? For example installation of a new software maybe damaged dvd author.

Try to uninstall and reinstall to see if solve the problem, or try to do a windows restore to a date before the apperance of problems.