Problems with this DVD writer



The writer/player used to work fine, but not anymore.

  1. Burning: after trying to burn, it just says (after very long “burning” time) burning failed!
  2. A CD with something (music or data) on it is seen as an empty CD .
    Could ther be conflict between several burning programs?
    I have Windows XP (which can burn), Winows media player, Nero, Power Producer and iTunes.


Welcome to the forum. :flower:

What model is the DVD burner?

What brand of media are you trying to burn on?

Do you have all those burning programs open at the same time? If so, only use or open one of them at a time.

What kind of CD are you trying to read? Commercial (that you bought), or one that was burned?


Re: Reply to thread ‘problems with this DVD writer’

Thank you for your mail.
DVD burner is _NEC DVD-RW ND-2510A
Media: Sony CD-R.
I do not use more burning programs at the same time.
It also happens after restart of PC
Problem: Invalid Block adress.
see attached log.
I hope you know a solution.

Best regards
GvDitz, Netherlands


Please post a burnlog for more info.