Problems with Themes when starting up

I found this forum, and I was hoping someone could help me with a problem, since no one out there on the net seems to know (at least not anyone I could find yet).

I’m having a problem with my display themes. I have a custom color set, which has black set for all the window colors. Yet, when I restart my computer, it resets to white. I change it back, save the new setting, apply it, and then the next time I start up, it changes back. My theme won’t stay applied. Any idea what’s going on?

no idea here - have you tried any theme programs like stylexp?

I’m currently using Stardock’s Windowblinds. So yes.

are you changing the theme within windowblinds or in display properties?

Display properties.

if windowblinds runs at startup - it may be autochanging the theme to the default within that program…

Ok. There we go. Took me an hour or so to figure out which settings of my programs were overriding, but it’s just fine now. Thank you so much.


will anyone answer to this anymore? is it too old?