Problems with The Spy Who Loved Me

i tried to backup 007 the spy who loved me as a complete movie but i have run into problems.

these are the steps i tried:

a) ripped the film with dvd decrypter; used files, select all. there were over 110 files.

b) used dvd2one 1.1.1. and selected whole movie.

c) tried to burn with primo but got an error that data would not fit on dvd. i then checked the VIDEO_TS folder size and found it to be in excess of 4.5G

are there any options that i have to modify to get the folder size down to the normal size?

any help would be appreciated



try running it through dvd2one again.

i tried it again and still got a folder size of 4.5G.


What about setting the target filesize to something a little bit smaller?


I backed up The Spy Who Loved Me last night (Region 1). I ripped using DVD Decrypter in File Mode and it wasn’t anywhere near 100 files! I’d say maybe 8.

Destination size was set to 4460 (I include a Jacket_P folder on my DVD’s because my player can display them - the default size is 4472 so this is not a big difference). Ran it through once with DVD2One version 1.11 and burned with Nero… no problems!

this was the pal version and has 115 files.

i reset the target size to 4450 and this time it worked w/out any prblms.

thanks for everyone’s help.

best regards