Problems With The Play Disk on Max Payne 2

I copied Max Payne 2 off a friend. I installed the game using the INSTALL disk and then I put the PLAY disk in to actually play the game. Wihen I insert the play disk and close the drive, the Max Payne menu window comes up. When I click on the “play” an error message comes up saying “Wrong Disc Inserted”.

After reading the Max Payne Readme, I found out that the PLAY disk is protected Macrovision SafeDisc. This is exactly what the Readme says:

Installation and CD Troubleshooting
Max Payne requires Administrator privileges to install or uninstall on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

If you get a “The InstallShield Engine (iKernel.exe) could not be installed” error message, a complete list of possible causes and ways to correct the problem is at Installshield Knowledge Base article Q104985.

Max Payne requires the game CD to be in the CD Drive that you installed from during the start of the game. Max Payne utilizes Macrovision SafeDisc to prevent software piracy, and copies of the game CD will not work.

If the drive letter of your CD-ROM changes after installing Max Payne, you will need to uninstall the game and reinstall it with the new drive letter, or manually edit the “cd.ini” file in your Max Payne installation folder.

Some CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drives may have problems reading data from the CD during game play. If you experience problems after a minimum installation when loading levels, we recommend that you uninstall Max Payne and re-install the game with the full install option.

can someone guide me through a process that can get around this copy protection? Any help would really be much appreciated

Copying games that you do not own is illegal and you will not get any help here with your problem.
Maybe you should run off the the local game store and buy the game.

And I suggest you reread the forum rules before posting again, a link to the rules in in my sig.

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