Problems with the 40125S

I’ve had 5 or 6 coasters in the last week from this thing. When using Nero 5.5.80 I sometimes get the following error, “Invalid writestate” then the error “could not perform endtrack” at some point into the burn. Simulation always comes back successful. I have smart burn enabled and am burning at 24X. It seems every time it happens is when I’m adding files to a compilation disc. Have used clonecd and cdrwin and neither of them has given me any problems so far. Upgraded the firmware and still the same problem. Any ideas as to why I’m getting this error and what to do about it?

Weird. Hasn’t happened to me. I would suggest uninstalling Nero then reinstalling it; then give it a try.

I’ve not noticed this problem with mine. I keep a regular backup of important files on CD-RW, and if I’m just adding files I use the compilation feature of Nero. So far it has never let me down.

What do you have running in the background? Maybe a conflict of some kind.

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Okay, that wasn’t very helpful… Since you’re not having any problems with CDRWin I say it’s a Nero issue. Try reinstalling as Stradius said…

Wow. I’ve really been away for awhile. And I’m sure I had some posts in that time. Reinstalled Nero as suggested and so far no problems but one interesting thing is that my original nero installation folder had 1292 files in it, mostly with a “.idx” extension and some “.dat” file extensions all with the same date stamp. Very strange.