Problems with Terminator 2 ultimate edition

I made a backup to my hard drive using DVD shrink I use nero 6 to burn. burner Pioneer DVR109. The media I used to burn was memorex DVD +R DL. It burned alright, but when I played it in panasonic stand alone player no sound at at root menu and when i click on any selection it automatically goes to the credits and keeps looping. So I investigated and tried it on my computer my win dvd 6 didn’t like it either, but I had sound during root menu. I can play the theatrical movie with no problems, not the special edition goes to credits and keeps looping. Now the funny part I tried it on windows media 10 everything works fine can watch special edition, but cannot skip chapter just goes back to the beginning of movie. very strange and frustrating :a . If anyone has any ideas let me know.

if it’s the t2 that came out with the HD content on it, that’s a tricky burn to run, but it still should be possiable. Try buring it at a lower speed.

As for the special edition, it ONLY works with Media Player 9 and above, because it downloads a license to play (Digital Right Management crap) and then allows your computer to play it. Now you can backup you licenses, but it also re-downloads them every now and then… so if you want to watch the special edition HD, you will have to use your computer.

InterAct is the program they want you to use on your computer to play the Movie. (it comes on the disc.)

Thanks for the info. I burned it on double layer @ 2.4x. I’m going to try on 4.7GB so I don’t waste DL disc’s. I’m thinking my stand alone doesn’t like DVD+R DL. could also be bad encode. I don’t think its in HD think thats the extreme edition.

Two things:

  1. Using DVD Shrink is entirely unnecessary if you’re going to burn to a DL disc. Use DVD Decrypter ISO Read mode, then ISO Write mode, please.
  2. “Could be bad encode” should not apply, since the point of DL is to copy without reencoding.