Problems with TDK CD discs and Toshiba



Anyone else having dramas burning audio files to TDK cds?
CD-R80. I have no trouble burning dvds but have tried cds for first time today on a Toshiba A200 only 3 months old. Had similar problems with TDK Gold dvds on Toshiba A10. Are there any known compatability problems. Using media centre Vista and Toshiba burning program. It goes through the process, but has only burnt 1 out of 4 cds. 1 had something on it but would not read on any computer or play in cd player. Converting from mp3 to normal cd format for cd player. Never had issues before on other computers (apart from 2 Toshiba Laptops).
Should also mention that both programs say “disc burnt succesfully”.
Seperate to other TS-L632D problems on forum. All settings as should be DMA etc. Burns Post Office brand DVD-Rs OK. Will get some different brand cds tommorow and try again.
These discs seem to work in a different much earlier Toshiba Laptop.
Two new Toshiba laptops and both have had problems with TDK discs. I have to admit the discs do not look great quality.
Have burnt hundreds of audio cds over the years and no dramas like this.


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