Problems with subtitles (Crouching Tiger...)

I used dvd2one x today with crouching tiger hidden dragon and on my first try, got English dubbed over their voices… I didn’t want this (wanted original with Chinese voices and English subtitles)… I tried again and this time, I think I just made sure I had the Chinese audio track selected in DVD2One… But this time, I got Chinese voices (which i wanted) but no subtitles to show me what they were saying. What am I doing wrong?

Did you do ‘movie only’ or ‘full disc’?

Which subtitles, if any, did you drop?

Is this problem evident on your DVD player and your computer?


I did both full copy and movie only. When I do full copy, It works but quality suffers as EVERYTHING is copied.

Movie only, it simply doesn’t work… But what does work is that I include the titles and soundtracks I want and have to manually turn them on from the DVD player.