Problems With Staples Coupons

I tried to use one of the $15 off $40 purchace coupons at 2 different Staples today and was told by both stores “NO”. Both managers had the same story, the coupons were from an East Coast promotion and were not good here. They both pointed out that the coupons said “No copies or facsimiles”. :confused:
I’ve never had a problem with these coupons in the past. I wonder if they have a new policy or if it was just “one of those days”? :a

I had the same problem last week with one of the staples store and the manager was claiming that these coupons are fake and therefore are not being honored.

the 15 off 40 is hit or miss. one staples i went to took it, no qustions asked. the other just looked at it and said no way. there have been rumors that this is an altered coupon from 2005.

I’ve used 3 at my local store now, I make sure I use a different cashier each time :cool:

they are very hard to come by nowdays, been searching for online coupons for 20 off 100 and still no luck. The in store coupons is a waste of time bc my staples rejects them all.

Manager at my store told me mine was a fake and they have received a memo to look out for them in the future. But I did have a $5 off coupon with also. She did somekind of override on the register to allow me to use it three times on my single purchase which still gave me $15 off. I was happy!

Wow what a deal.

I can’t even get my Staples to use more than 1 Ink Cart. per item!

They are or atleast some of their store are getting very usreasonable, no wonder the business in Staples is not as good as use to be.

Staples in my area is a joke.

Lets see, oh ya. I saw an add in their weekly flyer once for $25.00 off of Office XP Standard. I printed what I thought was the coupon and went to the store to purchse. When I presented the cashier with the coupon I was told that wasn’t the coupon. That I had to click on the image I had and it would take me to the actual coupon. I asked if I could use one of their computers to do that and was told their store computers had no internet access. They told me I could come back within a week with the coupon and they would refund me the $25.00. Needless to say I couldn’t make it back there. I called the offices and emailed, but I never heard anything back.

Another time I went to Staples to buy an ink cartridge. I asked about the $3 off and they handed me a coupon and told me to use it on my next purchase. Another time they gave me the $3 off as I was buying.

My favorite story happened last Christmas. I ordered a digital camera online and used a coupon they emailed to me for $30 off. I received a confirmation email that my order was accepted and that I should see delivery next day. Two days later I received another email letting me know that the item was on backorder. No mention of when it would ship, and the email contained 3 paragraphs of how I could cancel the order if I desired to (gotta wonder about a business that spends more energy letting you know how to cancel an order than supplying information about the order). As this was a gift, I was concerned about seeing the item before Christmas. So, I wrote an email asking how long I was going to have to wait. The next day I received another email letting me know that the first email was an error and that the camera would ship that day and be delivered next business day. Two more days pass and I received yet another email letting me know that there was going to be a delay in my order because the warehouse lost one of the boxes (funny, because the camera only comes in one box). I saw things were going south fast on this so I took them up on their offer to cancel and used the paragraph that described how to do it online. That day I went to Best Buy and purchased the camera there, but the story isn’t over yet. When I got home from Best Buy with camera in hand, I saw I had two voice mails on my answering machine. They were both from Staples’ customer service reps asking about my order. I called one of them back and told him I had cancelled the order online due to all the problems. He told me that it wasn’t cancelled and that he would do it right then and there. I got his name just in case. Flash forward a few more days to Chrimas Eve Day and I get a knock on the door. I opened it to find a man standing there mumbling something that I could not understand. Aftr trying several times to figure out what he was saying, he shoved a pick up sheet in my face that contained the information on the camera. Seems Staples sent him to pick up a camera I never got. Then I wondered where the guy came from, because I didn’t hear a truck, so I watched him walk up the road. Where was his truck?

Anyway, I am not trying to convince anyone to not buy from Staples, but I won’t ever get anything from them other than ink.

It is no wonder why some times well established business vanishes or dispear all together.

It was too big, I could not print it out right on my printer, so it was truncated, but it worked fine today, only the bar code mattered. Tomorrow (Thursday 31st, the last day of August) is the last day it will work. Use it quick!

Funny. I’ve seen some of the coupons that are posted here printed out and being handed out in my local store. I think it really varies by store manager. I even had one case where i had bought an LCD monitor with a $30 off coupon, tried 3 and they all had noticeable bad pixels. I got a refund, and they issued me a $30 gift card so I would still be able to use the “coupon” later.

What is the current deal with recycling ink? The sign in the window of one of my local stores says you get $3 off your next ink purchase. Is the $3 off for ink only now, or does it vary by market?

It might be that their aggressive promos over the last year brought in business but were costing too much. They’ll soon lose all that new business if they stop doing the promos.