Problems with stand alone Toshiba

Hi everyone…lots of knowledge on this site! Can anyone help me with a question about my stand alone DVD burner and copyright DVD’s?
I just bought a Toshiba D-R4SU DVD burner. I’ve been successful in burning most of my movies and shows from my Tivo hd. It’s nice, just put a blank DVD in, push record and it’s done…The problem is, when I attempt to copy a movie from my Tivo to my Toshiba, all the movies that I have recorded from DTV wont record. After a couple of minutes of recording, say… “Unleashed”, a box appears and says “copy terminated- you are attempting to record a copyright movie” Is there a device I can place between my Tivo unit and my Toshiba to allow me to complete this task? Evidently, it’s ok to record to a VCR but not to a DVD! I think I remember seeing a VCR at a flea market next to all the Kodak 110’s…

I’m using Verbatim 4.7G DVD -R media.

Thanks for any advice