Problems with sound

I have an HP Povillon a305w. I recently started having problems with my sound. Whenever I burn a CD the last 5 songs or so skip or sound ‘choppy’ or ‘static’. Not the same as when you play a scratched or dirty disk, but more like it’s missing data or had errors during the last part of the burn process. I defragmented it once and it took care of the porblem for about a month. After that defragmenting did nothing to help anymore. Niether did lowering the wright speed in Windows Media Player. I originally had a 40 gig hard drive that was just about full. So I added an 80 gig hard drive as a secondary storage and transferred all my music to it and freed up most of my old hard drive. It still didn’t help. I defragged my old hard drive again and still didn’t help. I even added 256 MB more of RAM totaling 512 MB of RAM and still nothing. If it isn’t the memory or hard drive, what could it be? Is it the soundcard? The processor? I have the original soundcard when I bought the computer last year, which is a Realtek AC97 Audio. Oh yea - whenever I use Fruity Loops, which is a music producing program, most of the sample songs I play off of the sample list playback the same way too. Please Help?

Are you just burning to mp3 or are these CD format music discs?

In either case my suggestion is to try the files on another player or pc to see if it’s the files or something on your system before playing with anything.
At least it will help to narrow the problem down.

There is also a possibility it is caused by the cd media you have used to burn.
The files could be ok and you have a bad wire or flaky speakers. Some distort in certain ranges of bass or volume.

Once you eliminate that then post your conversion and burning process.