Problems with sound



Hi everyone.

I’m having some problems with my dvd drive.
Everything was fine last night.
Today I uninstalled completely and reinstalled the dvd drive and now the sound is really bad when I go to play a dvd.
The sound has static and a scratchy sound to it.
Reminds me a bad wire or something.
Anyway, I"m going to go and buy a dvd cleaner but before I do, is there anything else I should look for?
I know it’s not the wires because it plays music cds with no problem.





If you are thinking of getting one of those cleaning discs - think again - 'cause they are known to damage the laser surface -

Please use only compressed air through an open tray to clean any ODD!!!



Hey Rafael…

Now another problem??? Whats up with that??? Dude, I think it’s time to RMA that lemon cuz you sure are having a lot of tough luck with the bugger.



Hi Mark.

Man I have no idea what it is going.
You know, although I couldn’t burn yesterday, I could play a dvd and have no problem with the audio.
No I can burn but I can’t watch a dvd on it because the audio is really bad.
Here is the kicker though… the sound is perfect when I play an audio cd on the same drive. I go and install a dvd and then the audio goes bad.
Any ideas?



Hey Rafael…

Hows about a garbage truck.:frowning: It doesn’t make any sense AT ALL. With you un and then re-installing it, I would say your audio cable is hosed. But you say you have good audio on a CD. Man I think an Excorsism is in order. I’m at a loss on this one for you buddy. Anyone else have a clue for this poor guy?



Yo Mark-

Based on this guys problems with that Sony 530 - you can see why I recommend the 3500!!!

Had he paid himself $1 per hour he could have had a 3500 paid for and installed a week ago…;-]



Hey Mike…
I could of gotten one too for the time I’ve treid to help. I feel bad for the Dude. Hope he gets it licked.