Problems with Sony Optiarc 7170A



I am new to this board but i am out of ideas over what could be wrong with this drive. The drive worked wonderfully for a few weeks when it suddenly stopped being recognized. Opening the case and re-seating the power cable made the drive visible to the computer again. The computer now sees the drive, but the drive will no longer read any disc. CD’s, DVD’s you name it they do not show up. The drive never shows itself to ever have a disc in it. The drivers are current, uninstalling the drive does not fix the problem. When a disc is placed in the drive the small icon for disc reading appears next to my cursor and the disc does spin. The drive responds to commands to eject from windows.
Hopefully its just something easy and i am being retarded, but if anyone has any ideas or can push me in the right direction, help would be appreciated.


I would put this drive in another computer for testing if possible. Otherwise I would RMA the drive back to get a new one.