Problems with Sony DW D56A-11 in Dell Latitude C840 Notebook

I have just purchased a Sony DW D56A-11 Dual Layer DVD burner to upgrade my Sony Combi DVD/CD-RW in my Dell Latitude C840.
When I have the D56A-11 installed in the fixed bay of the Notebook it is not detected by the bios and the Notebook also fails to detect the Harddisk. I have tried flashing the bios of the Notebook to various versions and back to the latest version, I have changed the jumper settings on the HD to Cable select, Master & Salve but the same problem occurs.
Has anyone here got this drive installed in Dell Latitude C840 or older and does it work ok.
I’m begining to wonder if the unit is defective. I may have to try it in another machine to see if this is the case.
Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

Btw: This is a great forum with loads of useful info. Well impressed :iagree:

Update: I have tried the drive in a Dell Inspiron 7500 which is quite a bit older than the C840 and it is detected by both the BIOS and XP , so the drive appears to be ok, it looks like the issuse is with my C840. I need try the drive in a media bay rather than the fixed bay and see if that cures the problem.

for anyone in a similar situation, I got a solution to this problem from someone on the dell forum:

follow this thread for the solution: