Problems with SONY DVDRW DRU-700A and DVD-R blank media



Hello, ppl!

I have a SONY DVD-RW DRU-700A (as I know it is LiteOn 832S) and several days ago, I found one problem: my drive stops recogize and blank DVD-R media (tryed Verbatin 4x and TDK 4x). Any other media works fine (DVD+R,-RW,+RW)
Also, drive read normally previously recorded DVD-R disks.

I tryed several firmwres (original, patched and for LiteOn 832S).

Any comments?


Welcome:). Did you check the ‘enable crossflash’ option in OmniPatcher when you prepared your new firmware before you flashed your drive?


Yes. I’ve tryed several firmwares from this site with this option enabled. No result. Also, I tryed to modify firmware with omnipatcher - after flashing - no result.