Problems with Sony DVD RW DW-D18A

I have Sony DVD RW DW-D18A and any movie that I copy freezes or skips when I play them in any regular DVD Player (I have Philips DVP642 and Toshiba sd2200). I tried burning with both DVDXCOPY and NERO.

So I decided to do a firmware upgrade to see if it helps. I ran NERO Info Tool and the Firmware Version I have is VYS1. I did some searching on this Forum and tried to flash my Firmware with VS0G frimware, but it is giving me an error that this utility is only for LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-832S and that the detected drive is 1-0-0-0 D:SONY DVD RW DW-D18A VYS1.

I am not sure if I should flash with VS0G or do something else to get my problem resolved.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

First dvdxcopy is Out of business I thought. You would be better using anydvd and clone dvd 2 from They have it so you can try it for 21 days before purchasing . You can also use dvd shrink or dvd decripter which are free programs. I have the best luck with anydvd and clonedvd2 from slysoft or elby for clondedvd2. I am not familiar with your drive but use brand name media for the best results. Hope this helps somewhat.

I use Verbatim DVD+R dvd’s and they burn fine on my dell laptop.

If your sure its not a software problem . What is your hardware -processor etc.- speed of hard drive -DMA enabled. OPerating system XP or whatever .Is your machine overheating and not in an airconditioned room. Verbatim is good media but your dvd-rw might not like verbatim. Good luck with your problem.

Hey I got my DW-D18A on the internet about a year and a half ago. Hadn’t had any problems. Note. first media I used with this burner we’re TEON Disks. Got em for last xmas from a sale they had at our grand opening of a Circuit City for like 1.99 after rebate for a stack of 50… I was immediately skeptical my drive wouldn’t want to handle cheap disks after all I bought this drive for about 80 bucks off of some site through pricegrabber. might have been because I know I have ordered from them once before just can’t remember what I ordered might have been this drive. currently has OEM drives under 50 bucks. Most folks don’t like OEM but I feel if you get a good company like sony or pioneer go for it. I wish I knew this sony drive was a rebadged Lite-on that’s some misleading info. anyway I’ve used Teon 8X +r, -r . I’ve used Verbatim 4x Dvd + R and just got some generic verbatim 4x dvd-r from on all types of disks I have had random disks come up with gaps usually right on the inside on the earlier verbatim 4x dvd+r I had the gaps go circular along toward the outside about a fingernails width… didn’t cause performance problems other than maybe a skip in a movie maybe a slight freeze. with PS2 games sometimes it doesn’t effect the gameplay other tiimes I freeze loading a game or even get the black screen of death (using swap magic 3.3 with an older v6 playstation with the slide out tray not the pop up) I’ve been really satisfied with Verbatim. If you have a dw-d18a this is probably THE best brand I’ve seen. The cheap teons had about a 60 % chance of giving me gaps. Ritek Ridata G05 disks we’re supposed to be good quality highest quality. I had gaps about 90% of the time but the movies still play and my games still play. I burned about 10 perfect copies on the ritek now with verbatim it’s more like 90 % perfect copies 10 % gapped copies. I’ve tried upgrading firmware on this puppy a couple of times. There was a page that isn’t up anymore where I found an upgrade specifically for dw-d18a from June 2004. didn’t make a difference… I just got omniscreen or whatever the util was for Liteon/Sony DVds on this forum. This let me use the patched 832s flash upgrade so now my DVD burner is listed as Lite-on SOHW-832s but still performs the same as with other firmware. I’m convinced this cheap ass drive was cheap for a reason. But hey I like cheap shit and this is worth the price I paid for it at the time. If I continue getting burns that don’t run on my PS2 or my dvd rom on my pc whether games or movies I might consider ditching this drive and going to they have several brand name OEM drives from 32 to 48 bucks and they’re all 16x not 8x like this drive. half the price I paid for this piece of crap and twice the speed. Thank god for alien technology and god bless america :>
kinda makes up for damned gasoline prices. I have a 4 banger ford escort used to cost only about 10 bucks to fill er up now paying about 16 to 17 bucks a week to fill up sometimes a little more
We need to totally take over the mideast or just nuke em all mad max style. THen we’ll go fight over refineries in australia. Anyway. back to topic. This drive has issues but is worth the price paid for being a cheap drive you sometimes have to expect issues. I’m currently waiting for codeguys to come back so I can check out what firmware they have specifically for dw-d18a I doubt it’s the firmware because when I got this thing out of the package I was using the default VYS2 made lots of gapless copies and out of nowhere gaps started appearing seems to be a sign of wear and tear on the lens. I’m not gonna pry open this drive because I’m no electrical engineer and these things say they can give you a nice dose of radiation if you open em up :> but I feel oddly enough this sony 8x drive liteon whatever is much like the sony 4x dvd drive in my PS2. My ps2 oddly enough right before I got the swap magic disks (don’t think I can blame them for this problem) I have a problem with my PS2 that is takes quite a bit longer to load a disc than it used to. We had a problem with the first game I got for the PS2 Gran Turismo 3. I ended up making a backup of GT3 and it runs faster and is actually recognized after I use the swap disc… If the disc is full of scratches my lens goes nuts… I read about misaligned lenses on these older PS2s but don’t want to pop it open. Before swap magic I destroyed my first PS2 I got with GT3 one of those packaged deals. I was following v4 plans to get around protection without needing a modchip and didn’t know I had a v6. basically ended up screwing up ribbon power cable even when taking tweezers to reconnect power strip my PS2 quit recognizing my original discs I’ve bought nevermind trying backups. so 150 bucks later and 40 bucks for a slide card and swap magic I’m much happier. Want to get a PS2 slimline like my friend has. gave him my original copy of GT3 and it loaded up instantly. I also couldn’t run my original copy of Xenosaga episode I which is a DVD-9. renting GT4 which is a DVD-9 I had to get a better copy that wasn’t as scratched. so I definitely need to upgrade from my old PS2 to the new slim notebook sized ones… I love how small those things are it boggles me. Considering my bro just got an Xbox (now that thing is bulky. I had my 3 128 bit gaming machines all stacked up last week. Dreamcast on top of PS2 on top of Xbox :> We even have a gamecube but only game my bro has for it is Phantasy Star Online which might have been the only worthwhile game to come out for gamecube until this new zelda comes out:> anyway going off topic. Use the DW-D18a til it burns out then go to look at their nice list of cheap ass OEM drives by good brands. They have one pioneer I’m thinking of getting for about 46 bucks. 16 x baby. handles everything the DW-D18a handles including DL discs. except instead of 2.4 x DL burning I believe it offers 4x DL which sounds cool. I’m gonna be sad when PS3 takes over I hear they’re using 50 GB DVDs for their media. that’s gonna be a bitch to rip :>
BUt I really want a PS3 so that’s gonna cost me a bundle. These consoles are starting to surpass our PCs. Actually Xbox 360 and Ps3 do seem to be souped up pcs but the PS3 has the nice Cell CPU tech which totally makes me want that. Anyway I’m off. I’d like to know if anyone else who has a DW-D18A sony drive has these same issues with the burner leaving gaps in your burns. I can’t be the only one who fell for this cheap ass drive :> I’m still surprised I now have about 30 -40 PS2 games now (about 30 35 are burned rest are bought :>) I have about 40 DVD Backups (Even found out how to burn House of Flying Daggers. You gotta use the dvd decrypt there are forums specifically for that movie I had to read) The grudge gave me same problems as HOFD so I might have to re-rent the grudge see if the dvddecrypt method works…
I like to thank cdfreaks forums for letting me know how to get rid of some leftover files I had from alcohol 2802 and now I just got alchol 3105 … I had been using Discjuggler and Nero (new versions of both) I like the nero info tool but alcohol has best support for my PS2 needs :> I’m gonna go look at the new updates in fact for alcohol 120%.
I’m hoping now that I got the new firmware for my Liteon/Sony dvd and a new version of alcohol I may have less gaps in my PS2 burning. I’m using ANydvd and clonedvd for the movies and I have dvdshrink and dvddecrypt for those movies clonedvd/anydvd can’t crack
I’m just now in a state where I’m gonna drive this Dw-D18A til the wheels fall off then I’m gonna go to and get me another cheap OEM drive from either NEC or Pioneer. I hear pioneer is the best but with these OEM drives you never can tell if they’re rebadges. I like to think the pioneer would be a real pioneer haven’t heard of ANY rebadged pioneers. Looking to see some reviews of the burners I’m looking at for under 50 bucks
Anyway I’m outta here for real ,