Problems with Sony DVD+R DL Discs

I recently got a good deal at Best Buy on Sony DVD+R DL discs. At least I thought I did. I’ve had all kind of problems burning them with DVDFab as well as Nero and DVD Decrypter. First, DVDFab would not recognize them in Merge mode. They will burn in Full Disc mode, but then aren’t recognized in my DVD player or the PC.

I found after checking one in CD/DVD Speed that the discs are actually Ritek. I am using DVDFabPlatinum3080, the latest version. I assume that these discs are worthless. I always use Verbatim DVD+R SL. My burner is Plextor 716A Dual Layer.

Has anyone experienced problems with these same discs? I will try the Verbatim DVD+R DL. I hope that works. I bought the DL’s primarily to use the Merge feature.

By the way DVDFab is a great product!


I had a problem with Sony disks myself just like you are having, guess my Pioneer didn’t like them, had a lot of coasters until I switched to Verb’s then everything was fine. also mine were sl not dl

Hi skipriffe

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First thing I would say is
In commen Settings \Write
change the write speed down to 4x or 8x (note) I use 4x not really that much difference in write time maybe 4 or 5 minutes “NO COASTERS” :bigsmile:

and Check the box next to “SET BOOKTYPE” and click OK

try that and see how it work for you


This is crazy! I seem to have a good burn on one of the Sony/Ritek discs. I tried Nero again and it worked on this one. It is recognized on my DVD player and PC. I’ll try a few more burns. I still think it is poor quality discs, so I will purchase the Verbatim DL’s.

Thanks for the comments so far.

My Sony SL discs burn OK, however my Sony drive sure doesn’t like them. Takes the drive 2 to 2 1/2 minutes to be recognized and load. Makes a lot of noise during that time too. Verbatim load right away.

I have been using sony now for a couple of years but I only use the DVD R- not the R+. I have never had a problem with the discs just the CSS Region free software. I have used HP, TDK, Memorex, Fuji, and verbatim. I have only had problems with the memorex brand.
I am a software writter as well as a CAD drafter so I use the DVD’s for my client’s larger files and pictures. As I said before I have used Sony for more than two years with out a single problem with the DVD R- 1x-16x.

I just hope that you find a solution that does not cost you too much money.


I have had some success with Ritek DL discs, but you never know how they will turn out.


Thanks for all the comments. I find that I can burn the Sony/Ritek DL discs with Nero and DVD Decrypter. I cannot burn them with DVDFab. After some research, I found that the Sony/Ritek discs are 3rd Class media according to Digital Digest. Even though one can get successful burns most of the time, the discs have been found not to last very long. Verbatim is rated as 1st Class media, so I will use those from this point on.

As I stated earlier, DVDFab is a great product. I purchased the program and am glad I did!

Again, thanks for your comments and feel free to add more.

Just an FYI and so that things don’t get too confusing. Huge difference between sony DLs (OP’s topic) and sony SLs.
The sony DLs mentioned by skipriffe are Ritek…my guess is that they’re D01…crap. You can get some decent burns (talking movie bkups here, not other data), but they are marginal, very inconsistent, even in the same spindle. I used 'em for one purchase before I could find verbs at a decent price and learned my lesson. On the other hand, I’ve gotten some decent burns from RICOHJPN D00, also sold under the Ritek brand. Much, much improved over the D01, but not up to the verbs for sure. I had purchased 3 spindles last summer from newegg…luckily 2 of the spindles were D00 and only 1 was D01…whew!

Would I recommend purchasing any Ritek DL to anyone? No, especially since verbs are widely available and cost $1.50 or less…sometimes delivered.

The sony SL media (manufacturers are sony and Taiyo Yuden) are a totally different story. While they seem to have a bit more trouble with compatibility overall, they are high quality media.

Still, it’s hard to go wrong with Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim.

Just my 2 cents.