Problems with Sony DRX-820UL/T

Hi! I just got a Sony DRX-820UL/T external burner for my Mac. I’ve burned several DVDs and they do not work in my Panasonic DVD player which is about 3 - 4 years old. I’ve tested them on other players and they work fine. I’m just worried because I have to make 80 copies for a client. Any reason why the DVDs don’t work on my player?

BTW, I’m using TDK 1x-16x discs and burning at 16x. I think I should bring it down to 4x or 8x just to be safe.


The Pana is picky, very picky!

Don’t feed it with dvd discs burned faster than 8x!!!

Yeah, I figured it out. Burned a disc at 8x…didn’t work. Burned another at 4x…it worked.