Problems with Sony DRU510a, Plextor PX-712, and Memorex DVD+R

Hello. I’m having some DVD burning problems and could use a few pointers from the experts to help solve these issues:

(first info on my PC) - I own a Dell Dimension 8100 running WindowsXP at 1.4Ghz that has 768MB RAM… installed is a working Sony CRX140E CD-RW drive, a Sony DRU510a DVD-RW drive (presumed dead) and a new Plextor PX-712a DVD-RW drive (just purchased and installed)

  1. I’ve had the Sony DRU510a for 1 1/2 years and it has worked perfectly until last week… during a CD burn it was 93% complete when it stopped recording/responding and the orange indicator light began rapidly flashing. I was unable to get the drive to respond and had to use a paperclip to eject the CD. Upon restart the drive light continued to flash rapidly. I checked all over the internet and I have surmised that this is tell tale signs of a drive that is DEAD and cannot be fixed. [Anyone familiar with this? PLEASE comment]

  2. I bought the new Plextor PX-712a drive as a replacement (it is much faster than the Sony DRU510a) and it was a cheap enough purchase.

  3. I have been using white/inkjet printable MEMOREX 4X DVD+R [UPC# 034707047457] for DVD backups to watch on my DVD player. I have a large supply of these and they have been terrific for printing and backing up movies. I prefer to use these until they are all gone before switching to another media brand.

*4) THE PROBLEM - I tried burning the MEMOREX 4X DVD+R using the new Plextor PX-712a DVD-RW drive and though they play on my PC they are UNPLAYABLE on any of my DVD players. I tried adjusting the speed {using PLEXTOOLS} to slow down the burn rate (to 4x), but either my settings are incorrect or it hasn’t made any effect on the recording process. I also tried to set the drive to use book type setting for DVD+R (after reading about this)… hasn’t seemed to help yet on my few tests.

  1. Memorex was NOT in the list of Media suggested in the Plextor manual. Is the media the problem here? Or are my settings wrong. The movies are burning to the DVD+R discs, but are just not playable on my DVD players (I tried them on several different players and none of them worked… you can hear the players working hard to try to read the burned discs and you can hear almost like a crackling sound… I guess from rapid spinning and searching for data).

  2. I really bought this Plextor drive for making DVD movie backups that will play on my DVD player. If anyone could lend a hand addressing the problems mentioned I’d be very please to hear your comments.


Is the media the problem here?
well, yes and no. i mean it SHOULDN’T be a problem, as you have proved that the media is fine if burned with the sony. and it wouldn’t pose a problem to my pioneer 108+nero.
u do not say what program u use to do the burning. i suggest trying another. also see if the plextor can burn data to dvd ok

I have a DRU510A awesome drive though highly bagged out. Had the blinking light and emergency eject problem once,(on a read) solved by a restart and a seperate power connector for the drive. Seeing as yours happened whilst burning, I’d say its cooked. But email here:Sony Storage support and find out.

On the Media issue, the sonys current 1.1a F/W made an awesome drive even better, flawless burns with a huge range of media. Try this: take a backup movie you did with the Sony, grab the original and burn that same movie with the plex at 4X. (Sonys Max) run both discs through either DVDinfopro or Neros CD/DVD speed PIE/PIF test, and compare the results. Then you’ll know if its simply that the plex hates the memorex.

Thanks G)-(osters and pollushon for your suggestions. :bow:

In response to G)-(osters question about programs: I wanted something simple so I had been using DVDXCOPYXpress mostly… it had been fine with the Sony drive & the memorex DVD+R 4x media…of course until the Sony took a header :frowning: … on occasion DVDXCOPYXpress was problematic so I wised up and got DVDShrink and used it in combination with Nero… this combination didn’t seem to work properly at first with the new PlextorPX-712 but I grabbed the newest version of Decrypter and tonight I made a successful copy using the Memorex DVD+R 4x media… woohoo! :slight_smile:

I’m psyched because the memorex media is white hub printable and my final copies end up looking almost like the originals.

I’m gonna get a copy of DVDinfopro as you have suggested, pollushon, and see if there are differences in the burns from the sony and plextor. I really don’t know much about the PIE/PIF test stuff, but there’s always something new to learn…I really need to learn all the tricks to successful DVD burning.

Basically I just want to find the quickest easiest way to make nice DVD backups onto the memorex 4x DVD+R media until I find a faster media that will play well on my DVD player and can be printed to the hub with an inkjet.

Thanks again to each of you for your suggestions!

Hey bent-one…

You said QUOTE: on occasion DVDXCOPYXpress was problematic so I wised up and got DVDShrink and used it in combination with Nero… If you have Nero, just use their Nero CD/DVD speed tool to see whats up.


Thanks for the heads up, Sportfish!

To be honest with you I haven’t really used the Shrink/Nero combination very much and Shrink was just sending the DVD files directly to Nero for burning (so I wasn’t involved much in the process after using Shrink). I have never really explored Nero or it’s capabilities to any extent. Unfortunately I am always so busy with my record label that it’s hard to find time to learn all these cool programs. Thanks for letting me know about the Nero CD/DVD speed tool…I will certainly try it out. :wink:
As you can probably tell, I am very much a newbie when it comes to the art of DVD burning, etc… so I’m still trying to get a grasp on all of the techniques and technology out there. Thanks again for your comments Sportfish.

Hey bent-one…

No problem. We were all noobs at one time. Nero is fairly simple but it (like anything else) takes time and practice to master. The 2 main apps. that I use are 1st you go into Nero Tool Kit. Then you have your pick of 3 apps. to use. The only ones I pay any attention to is, Nero CD-DVD tool, and Nero Info Tool. The CD-DVD tool has several tests that are very beneficial in telling if your media is worth a crap. The info tool gives you a roadmap of the components in your system and whether some are functioning correctly. Great tools but as I said, it does take time to figure them out and how to use them. So take yoru time and play around with it and you’ll get it down just fine. Run into any problems, come on back and give us a holler and one of us will be glad to give you a hand. But please do us and yourself a favor nd read the forum rules. There is a search tool in the forum and many times you’ll be able to find your answer without posting, but if not feel free to post. There’s a ton of knowledge in the prople in this forum whom don’t mind a bit in sharring that knowledge. But there’s also a large amount of people who don’t have the time to do other peoples work for them. Welcome to the forum.