Problems with Sony DRU-540A

Hi guys, I’ve purchase a Sony DRU 540A and have been encountering a problem and have a couple of questions.

The error I would receive while burning with Nero 6 is “focus or tracking error.” What does this mean?

I’ve done some research and found that my Sony is not really a Sony and that it is an Optorite ( :a ). An DD1203, I believe. Optorite has a new firmware while Sony does not. Are the two not exactly alike? Would it be safe to update my drive with Optorite’s firmware? Is there a program that could save my current firmware?

I’ve also noticed that these DVD burners generate a fair amount of heat. Could the heat be a part of the problem? I’ve been burning with an open case and a running fan and yet I continue to encounter that error with Nero.

One more thing, some of the error free runs would have a jerky playback in my DVD players, but would work perfectly fine with my computer. Out of the 20 or so burns I have only gotten 4 to work right without any problems.

Some computer info:
PIII 866 over clocked to 975
384 megs of RAM PC133
Nero 6
Sony DRU-430A
Using TDK 4x DVD+R

Any bit of help would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.

This is what I got after clicking on the link. What was the search word?

hmm, odd. ok, do a search for -focus or tracking error-

Okay, so I did the search and gathered some insight. DGK30 summed it up nicely:

“As for the track focus error it is one of the nastiest errors around. Usually indicates a hardware failure of the dvd/cd recorder. However try other brand of media, try to upgrade the firmware bios of dvd rw, or find a burning program that correctly identifies (and therefore cooperates well with) your dvd recorder , because nero sees it as a generic dvd ±rw.”

So I’m back to square one. Does anybody have any thoughts on my firmware dilemma or the heating issue?

Thank you for your help Ghosters. :slight_smile: