Problems with Sony DRU-500A

I use nero to burn DVD’s from time to time. Sometimes, this drive will lose power after a disc is completed. The disc will eject, but at that point I will have to push the tray in by hand. In order to get the power back to the drive, I will have to restart the computer. I have an Antec power supply. I dont think its the power supply because all of my other devices work. Anyone know what the possible problem might be?

Anyone know of any problems?


No one knows anything?

I have the same problems. I use the external model DRU500ULX and I get power calibration errors all the time. It used to work great but now after about 2 years it fails about 2 out of 5 discs. Sometimes, oddly enough, I can still read all the data on the discs even though Nero will report that it could not close the session. Too bad there hasn’t been a firmware update in years.

Crap externals…

I have the same drive and same problems plus some, the problems happen for me at random with very software package I’ve used to burn. I’ve looked and found nothing to fix the problem. My drive has seen every firmware version as well. No help, but I can’t complain, the coasters few it’s made were my fault.

Never had any similar probs with mine in two and a half years, have you tried it on a different power lead? :cool: