Problems with Sony CRX230E


Well here is a problem … at work we’ve got some computers equiped with Sony CRX230E CD/DVD reader-burner and we have some problems with reading DVDs. The damn thing won’t read DVDs normally. Usually Windows Explorer freezes when I want to open anything from DVD.

I’ve tried to update firmware from NYK3 to NYK5 and it didn’t help. The same problem still occurs.

Now what? We are thinking on buying new DVD burners … but still I want to know what’s the matter and maybe if I can fix it.

I would be very grateful for any kind of help.

See ya.


Welcome to CDFreaks Forum.

The Sony CRX230E is a cd writer, not a combo cd/dvd reader.

The firmware you mention, belong to a CRX320E Combo, which should be able to read dvd.

Which one do we talk about.