Problems With Sony CDRW CRX225E - Won't Write!

Hi - brand new here - hope you guys can help.

Windows XP user, had a Sony CDRW CRX225E drive for a couple of years now and all has been well until lately. Now, although it can read a CD it refuses to recognise the drive as a CD RW - I’ve used Nero, CD Direct and Windows to no avail.

Other aspects are in Device manager the properties show:

Device Type: DVD/CD-ROM drives
Manufacturer: (Standard CD-ROM drives)
Location: Location 0 (0)

When I try to update the driver it tells me all is okay.

recent changes to my PC include Itunes and a new usb card and hub (usb 2)

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I’m happy enough to look at registry settings etc if guided!

John :confused:

You state it isn’t recognized as a cdrw, but can you write to a cd? Have you tried? What happens when you do try?


It won’t write CDs - if I try via explorer the msg I get is:

“There is no disc in the drive”

“Please insert a writable CD in the drive”

and it is a blank CD (I’m 100% sure) - straight out of the packet!

Same result in Nero - it can’t even seen a recording device.

Try removing the device in device manager, then reboot and let it autodetect. If it still has problems, it could be going bad.

Cheers - I’ll try that - be right back!!!

Rob - many many thanks - it worked - so simple!



Glad to be of help…

Part II: Although I can now write to the drive via explorer my Nero and Roxio Easy CD Creator cannot see the drive as a recording unit. Roxio tells me that “There are no supported CD recorders available…” and I can’t see a recorder in Nero. Any ideas? All help gratefully recieved!!!


You may need to reinstall roxio and/or nero.