Problems with Sony CD-RW CRX320EE



HI. I’m a newby and a confused one at that.
I have a sony cd-rw and for last -4 wks its been playing up and getting worse.
It started with a perceived DMA problem burning wiuth Nero. I fixed that, but since the CD-RW has been getting worse. When I burnt discs, either nothing was burnt or (finally at a slower speed) it burnt music but with skips and stops. Now it barely recognises discs, plays back cds (even new ones) with skips and stops, and doesnt read the kids Sims2 game discs.
Can a CD RW wear out? Is this a software thing? And is there any way I can “test” the drive to see if i need to replace it?
Any help welcome.


Yes, they wear out. It is likely dirty or the laser is failing. Sounds like it is time to upgrade/replace it.