Problems with Sonic DLA 4.9



I’m using Sonic’s DLA with my NEC 3520 and I’ve found that at times when i load a DLA-formatted DVD+RW, it gets stuck in my drive and i can’t eject it.

has anyone had this problem? and if so, how did you resolve it?


Did you try to eject the drive from the Sonic DLA icon in the System tray? I think Sonic locks the drive(s) it is using, so to eject them, you must release them from Sonic.


yea that’s the problem. i pressed the Eject button it doesn’t work. i tried right clicking on the drive and choosing Eject (which normally works) but that doesn’t work either.


I think (I haven’t run Sonic DLA for a while, so I may not recollect correctly) that there is an icon for Sonic DLA in the system tray (where the time & date are displayed). If there is, try to right-click on it, and select Eject from there. If there is not, try starting Sonic application and pressing Eject from there. Sorry for the foggy explanation, it just isn’t something I have recently tried.