Problems with some movies. I need help

I know there are some posts regarding what I’m about to mention but I think my problem is of a different nature. I’m having problems with 3 movies. The Love Guru, Iron Man, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The funny thing is, is that it goes through the motions perfectly without any error messages but when I try to play it on my DVD player it doesn’t work. I’m trying to do a full DVD to DVD copy with the special features and all. The weird thing is it was working just fine about a week ago with any movie I threw at it but now it’s not working properly. What happened I wonder. I tried uninstalling DVDFab ver. 5090 and reinstalling it but it just doesn’t want to work properly. Like I said it copies the movies just fine but when I try to play them on my DVD player it doesn’t play. Could this have anything to do with other DVD copy software that might be conflicting with DVD Fab because if it is then I would rather keep DVD Fab. Please help. Thanks.

What other DVD copy SW ? Can you play the file from the HDD…Did you try Main movie only backup? What media are you using???

Conflicts with other copying software usually effect the reading/decrypting part of the process. Sounds like you are getting through all of that OK. Follow t0nee’s suggestion and see if the files will play on your PC (you will need to uncheck Delete Temporary Files in Common Settings or do another rip and select a Target location on your hard drive).

Hey t0nee1 thanks for your reply. To answer your questions the other SW is, AnyDVD. No I can’t play the file from HDD and I don’t want to try the main movie only backup. I want the full disc. I’m using Taiyo Yuden media. Please help.

Hi jmazz
you said “copy with the special features and all"
doing this you have to make sure that “PlathPlayer” is set to “Always enable PathPlayer”, it can not be"Enable PathPlayer when necessary”

also make sure no other programs are running in the background like anydvd

Hey StormJumper thanks for your reply. I’ve never had to set Pathplayer before. I’ve always left it on, Enable Pathplayer when necessary and there are no programs running in the background. I don’t get it. Like I said in my original post, I’ve never had this problem before. Last week it was running fine. I’m lost. Please help.

Go into common settings–>PathPlayer and select the setting I said above and also disable anydvd and see if it helps

Hey Stormjumper thanks again for your reply. I did try that the other day and no success. Any other suggestions? Your help is greatly appreciated.

Try slowing down your read and write speeds.

Make sure you’re using quality media.

Another very real possibility is that your burner is on its way out…

Have you tried re-copying a disc that worked before the problems started?

Just for the heck of it, backup just the main movie to HDD…Then let us know if it was successful and it plays ok…
You state that no errors are shown, does it actually get to the burning stage? I see you’re using TYs which [I][B]is[/B][/I] “quality media”…And btw,are you sure you’ve disabled AnyDVD as SJ suggested?

Please don’t hate me for saying this but I just tried using DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink and it worked perfectly. Why is DVD Fab which is a better program by far not working? I don’t get it.

Ask the Author[s],and no we won’t hate you…:wink:
Exactly why it pays to keep all your tools available and ready to use…You never know!
I’m certain some fellow members will post their success with Fab soon enough…I’ve not purchased those flicks yet…I’m looking forward to Iron Man on BR…

Thanks t0nee1. I did a complete uninstall of DVDFab and tried running Regseeker. When I did, it restarted my computer. What’s that about? Does anyone else have this problem with Regseeker?

I’ve never had to do a clean uninstall of FAB, ’ knock on wood’…
Someone will help you with that soon enough…Good luck!


Did you use the guide in my signature when you uninstalled DVDFab ?, I myself don’t use Regseeker so not sure but do not think it restarts your computer by itself :confused:

Hey Stormjumper I used this program because you mentioned it in your original guide to uninstalling DVDFab. It worked great for awhile but lately it been crashing and restarting my computer. In your new guide to uninstalling DVDFab I just wanted to know if after you delete everything and reinstall DVDFab does it ask you to restart your computer?

If you are asking if DVDFab asks you this after re-install it then the answer is yes…BUT note…I myself never do it,I always un-check that box weather I am updating or upgrading…but thats just the way I am.

As far as your PM goes I was going to reply back as a PM but will post the reply here which is as follows…

Hello jmazz
Well I know what I myself would do and that would be to uninstall regseeker and removel all files and/or folders that was made by regseeker, then do a disk cleanup then defrag the system.

After that I would go to the Symantec online security check website and run their free online virus scan, if it finds nothing…then I would proceed to do other steps because it really sounds like something is on your system.

Course not sure how much you know about working with computers or the system, there are was to clean your system without forking out cash but it does take a little know how and time.

Do you or have you ever used regedit ?
also which system are we talking about ? it does make a difference when it comes to tracking down items within the systems.

After all my system checking are done then would re-install regseeker, but like I said before I don’t use it.
Don’t get me wrong regseeker is a good FREE program but I believe you get what you pay for.

Anyway let me know how well you are able to get around in side the system and I will help by PM and show you extra steps in cleaning house.

Ok, I figured out what the problem was. It was the VSO burning engine that caused the problem. It wouldn’t finalize the burn properly. I found this out when I used IMGBurn instead. It burned perfectly when I used IMGBurn. So thank you to all that have tried to help me. I don’t think I will be usind the VSO Burning engine anymore.

Hey jmazz
Glad you got it figured out :clap: it seems there are many user do have an issue with the VSO burn engine, I believe it is more with their drive/burner then anything.

[QUOTE=StormJumper;2136265]Hey jmazz
Glad you got it figured out :clap: it seems there are many user do have an issue with the VSO burn engine, I believe it is more with their drive/burner then anything.[/QUOTE]

I realized that with the DVDFab ver 3060 the burn engine worked perfectly. It seems to jump from update to update. I uninstalled the new version and installed the ver 3060 then updated again with the new version but without installing the burn engine in the new version and keeping the old one and it worked. But I’m still going to use IMG burn just to be safe. Thanks StormJumper.