Problems with SHW 1635S Firmware YS0N

Hi there,

New to these forums but the amount of times I visit to get info is insane. So I finally registered! :clap: :o

Thanks to this forum I found a link the YS0G firmware for the LiteON SHW-1635s. When I upgraded to the newer firmware I got three coaster DVDs and that was with a backup program. So I thought I would try with Nero. Burned a Data DVD fine but then completely buggered up an audio CD at 16x.

So after much deliberation I went back a firmware and then it wrote the audio CD fine (now all tracks work!).The backup software wrote a nice backup of my system to a DVD with no problem and the files are all there without any data corruption (in theory).

Just to let you know and say thanks!

gaa00, congrats on your first post. :slight_smile: Hope we see many more. Perhaps some scans from your drive. :wink:

Thanks for the info. OC-Freak has already displayed scans of later firmware than this. Hopefully we will see these released soon and hopefully the newer firmware will not demonstrate the same problem in your drive.

Thanks! Can you let me know how to do a scan or refer me to the thread that shows how I can do a scan please? That way I will post up the scans when I next burn a DVD!


Also worth mentioning is that this writer seems to be better at writing CD-R media at 40x (or even 48x). 16x CD-Writing soemtimes gives not so good results, depends on the media too of course - as many new discs performs poor at lower speeds as they are designed for higher speeds :slight_smile:

AAARGGHHH!!! :doh: :doh:

What happened? In the last 500meg the failures went through the roof! My quality went down from 100 to 45 :frowning:

Also set reading speed to 4x - not 8x :wink:

Are these discs TDK branded? If so it would be strange.

Notice that there are several brands selling B grade TTG02. The e-net brands are the ones that comes to mind… :stuck_out_tongue: Datasafe, datawrite, bulkpaq etc. There is also fake TTG02 media made by Hong Kong Manufacturers.

So unless it’s TDK branded media I would guess your media is bad.

Actually now that you mention it, it is datawrite. I did not like them much once upon a time with the CDs I bought. THat said I did get and still do get Inifiniti White Top Cds and they work a treat. But those are CDs. Yeah these are Yellow Top Datawrite but they do burn which is the main thing. (STOOOPID quality!)

Just running a scan at 4x

8x gave nicer results :sad: :sad:

If I’m right then the Yellow ones may be faked TTG02 made by Infosmart in Hong Kong. Crap? - yes.

I would pick up some quality media instead of using this media and get unreadable discs… :wink:

What media do you recommend?

Personally I prefer MCC/Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden manufactured media for the important stuff.

For the less important stuff I usually use Daxon/BenQ, Prodisc, Ricoh or CMC based media. But I try to get the media under the more reliable brands like fujifilm and similar. I try to not get the questionable brands which MAY be B grade media.

Muchas gracias! I shall stear clear of the stuff that Bill and Ted would call “Most Hanus!”