Problems with Shakira 'Laundry Service' backup

I’m trying to copy the new Shakira ‘Laundry Service’ CD (to Clony XXL is Key2Audio protected) this is the problem:
I open Plextools v 1.14 (I own a Plexwriter 401240a), I enable 1st session only and start copying.
Read Speed 8x, Write Speed 4x, error correction on.
This is what happens: the first track starts with 8 seconds of silence, thus affecting the whole copy as the other tracks start at the wrong place (before the previous track is finished) and as a consequence the last part (8 seconds) of the final track is missing.
The total length of the cd and every single track length is the same as the original (unfortunateley including this initial 8 seconds of silence).

When I read the original cd with both EAC and Plextools I can see that the begininning of Track 1 is placed at 00.08.00, that could be the reason for the problem.
If I rip the CD track by track with EAC or Plextools everything is all right, there’s no silence.
Of course the Plexwriter 40x is able to read and play the whole original CD (my Toshiba DVD 1302 isnt !) but if I want to make a CD image (instead of ripping single tracks) HOW CAN I BY-PASS the PROTECTION ?


If the gaps are correct there is no difference between a rip of the cd and a full copy/image of the cd.

If you still want to make an image, I suggest you give CloneCD a try.


Do you think that this 8 seconds silence problems is due to the protection (even if the text file of the 2nd session is not copied) ?

If so any idea about how to by pass it without ripping single tracks (that would be a problem if the writer is not able to read the original cd tracks) ?

Are you able to use Cdrwin to extract your CD?
If so, you could try to read the single sectors and check, how many sectors are used for the silence at the beginning. When you can just leave them out.
But it is strange that the offset of 8s is affecting the whole Cd.
If nothing helps, you can still use your separately ripped tracks to create a good DAO copy.

You could try to make an copy with Feurio.
I had no problem with copying a key2audio cd with it

Part of the key2audio protection is the deviation from the standard 2 secs pregap, in this case 2+6=8secs pregap. When making an image or ripping the cd, the non-standard pregap should not have any influence!

My opinion: if you can rip it with EAC or Feurio you also should be able to make an image with CloneCD. The other way around should also be possible (if possible with CloneCD, it should also be possible with EAC or Feurio, allthough you might need to tweak some settings.)

Did you try CloneCD already?


OK, I’ve just finished making an IMAGE copy with Feurio (CD copy program).
In the image options I’ve chosen to copy the first session only.

Well the backup it’s just perfect !
No 8 seconds silence in the first track, no missing parts, works fine in the Toshiba DVD 1302 and the sound quality is excellent !!

I’ve not tried CD Clone as I dont have it installed but probably it should work fine as well.
I dont know CDRWIN very well. There should be 2 burning programs from two different software houses but I have no idea what the best is.

Now, the question is: “Why Plextools 1.14 failed to make a good backup even with ‘1st session only’ enabled ?”

i told you Feurio is good…:bigsmile:

That’s a good question I should try it out even if allways use EAC to backup audio together with plextor px40tsi.

Thanks m8 !
Waiting for your response !!

Need some time i’ll give it a try this weekend!