Problems with Sh S821D


I’m have problems with this writer, i have verbatim dual layer medias (2.4 - 6x), and all softwares the speed stay in 2.4x. I try update firmware, change ide cable, remove ide channels on windows, reinstall drivers and reinstall windows.
My motherboard is Abit Ab9
What i can make?

Ps. Sorry for my bad english

[]'s… all

Do you mean the 182D??

Update the firmware if you havent.

Check the Media ID with CD-DVD Speed & the disk info tab. If it’s MKM001 then the only speed these Samsungs will burn them at is 2.4x

Yep, 182D, sorry. And i update to 106…

Yes its MKM001.
But on pack says up to 6x…sux…on my LG gsa 4160b same thing

You can’t burn faster than the burners firmware allows.

But i dont understand, this bruner is 8x on d-l medias, the media is 6x.

That 2.4x media is only 6x on firmwares that support it at that speed. Evidently the Samsung firmware doesn’t.

Couldn’t this be solved with MediaCodeSpeedEdit ?

What burner you recommend?

More tests here:

On NEC writer the same midias are burned on 6x
On my SH 182D e LG GSA 4160b these medias on 2.4x and i try with another medias (Ritek D01 001) and 2.4x too.
I think the problem is IDE controller from Abit ab9.

Sorry for my bad english

It’s nothing to do with the IDE controller. Those burners are locked at the 2.4x burn speed for that Verbatim DL media. Use them in a completely different PC & the burn speed will be just the same.

Keep clear of the Ritek media btw , only Verbatim is worth using.

So waht writer you recommend?

Pionner DVR112D???

It’s to burn xbox 360 games.

Clearly not. MKM001 can be even burnt up to 8x with the regarding burners, like Pio 11x. Also, Ritek DL media is crap, really.
Stay with Verbatim DL.

You have created that backups with??

That should answer your question. :bigsmile:

Just so people know…any answers to that question should be posted in this thread.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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