Problems with SH-S203N DVD writer


I found your website after searching for answers with a problem I can’t seem to solve. I’m hoping someone can help me out…I have (2) Samsung SH-S203N DVD Burners.

MSI NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI Chipset Based P6N SLI Platinum Motherboard
EVGA NVIDIA 8600 GTX Graphics Card
OS XP 64-Bit

We have had an on going problem that’s gotten worse…The burner seems to lock up and won’t complete the burn process. We have updated firmware, updated drivers and such.

Both of the burners will play audio CD’s both store bought and burned but when it comes to burning locks up and won’t complete the burn. We gotten different error messages including “API image mastering” something (sorry I should have written it down) and also it doesn’t recognize a disc in the drive.

It seems to me that it’s to much of a coincedence that both of them are not working…I’m thinking that it have to do with some kind of incompatibility or software issue?

Also…we checked to make sure the DMA said “DMA IF AVAILABLE” was checked for both drives and they were.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

There are four 3GB/s SATA channels in total (RAID 0/1/0+1/5 supported) and two IDE channels. An additional eSATA port at the rear of the board comes via a SIL3531 chipset.

How are these SATA ports set up in the BIOS and same about the drives?!?

I’m Not sure…could you explain how to check this?

Hi and Welcome,[QUOTE=hulagurl;2224584]
Also…we checked to make sure the DMA said “DMA IF AVAILABLE” was checked for both drives and they were.[/quote]And what was the current transfer mode? This is, what matters.

[QUOTE=hulagurl;2225047]I’m Not sure…could you explain how to check this?[/QUOTE]These are Bios settings to check. Please read the motherboard manual for details.

Best operation mode for Sata optical drives on Nvidia Sata controllers is to have the Sata controllers configured as “IDE”.
Instead of Nvidia’s Sata/IDE drivers, Windows default drivers are preferred. Other people had luck with Nvidia’s latest drivers, so you find out yourself.

If you have a Raid configured, then you are lost unless your Bios allows you to set Sata operation mode for certain Sata controllers separately.