Problems with SH-S203B and XP

When I put the cd or dvd into the SH-203B, xp doesn’t recognize the name and the icon for example:

in this example i put the game Oblivion and don’t recognize the name and the icon.

any idea?

sorry for my bad english, bye.

Hi and Welcome!

nothing wrong with the drive, but some system settings might prevent the Autorun feature from working and displaying the text and icon from the disc you inserted.

What happens if you open the disc in Explorer?


The same thing happens.

thanks for the answer.


fixed!, the problem was that in the registry the autorun key was disabled! i download: Autoplay Repair Wizard in the M$ web, this aplication scan the drivers and diagnostic if exist an error with the autorun function, then give the posibility to fix it!



:clap:Nice you got it sorted :clap: