Problems with Search?

Is anyone else having problems with the Search forum?

Everytime I try to do a search I get sent to “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.”

When I refresh the page, it just takes me back to the search forums page.

Anyone else having this problem?


I just tried to do a search, but it is working on my end :slight_smile:

I’m using firefox

I had this problem too yesterday.

When a " " space were entered into the search input the result was a crazy blank screen…

Still seem to be having a problem with search on my end. Tried it at home and at work so I don’t think it’s a connection problem.

I’m using IE7. I had this problem a couple nights ago too.

I’ll try again after work or maybe I’ll wait a few days a check back.


Today its okay for me.

It sounds like a browser/browser settings problem since I’m using Firefox as well with no problems searching.

In my experience, Search problems at CDFreaks depend on the search terms you use, so if you change the search terms the searching problems can appear or go away.

For all I know there might be a small Search Gremlin sitting behind the Search button and making decisions about when to return sensible results and when to return an error - it’s my personal theory, but I could be wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried again, and indeed there is something wrong in the search at the moment.

If the search includes a space " ", it shows a blank page, but if there is only a single word on the search textbox, the search is working correctly.

Thanks for the help. I tried a single word search and it worked fine. When I tried more than one word I got into trouble. So I’ll just stick to one word for now.

Thanks again.

Here’s a strange thing:

I made a typo in a first test (“Tiayo Yuden”) and got plenty of hits.

I then corrected my typo and did another search. Result: Blank page with “Done” in the browser status bit.

I’m inclined to go with the gremlin theory :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:

trouble here with FF, IE and Maxthon2

been here and there over the last 2-3 days. wont work at all yesterday and today. doesnt work with one word doesnt work with one+one (two) words. if i make a spelling mistake then i get Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.


exactly that happened to me too.

sorry for posting again. :flower:


click on blank media forum, click the lower search this forum, type “verbatim” blank screen type “virbatim” two results, type “verbatim+fake” blank screen, type “virbatim+fake” Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.



I’m posting again too.

Tried searching the Blank Media forum alone for the “Wall O’ Media” thread (yes, that’s definitely the correct title) - tried searching all posts, titles only, you name it.

Nothing :sad:…so something’s definitely b0rked search-wise.

Yep - I’m still having troubles too. The one word searches are still okay and even the occasional two words, like “little mermaid”. But for almost everything else, no luck.

Damn Gremlins!

okay i know there are bugs in the new layout and all. but just to give an update to the search problems.

im using v1 layout and when i click on ‘search this forum’ from within a specific sub forum such as ‘DVDFab / DVD Region+CSS Free’, i am able to get the search results. however now the results are of the entire cdfreaks forum not only the sub forum. when i go advance and search with out changing anything then i get results only within the sub-forum.

thanks for all the updates to cdfreaks forum:clap:. troy

another update.

anyone else having trouble searching in a thread?

sometimes it works sometimes it does not.


[quote=troy512;1929705]another update.

anyone else having trouble searching in a thread?

sometimes it works sometimes it does not.


Yes :iagree:
same as your post above

[B]Another thing I would not like to see all the Games up posts in my Search :flower: :bow:[/B]

I did a search trying to find Lightning UK in a thread. The search came back saying that UK was not enough to search. :confused:

[B]Now you know what we mean :bigsmile: If more people[/B]
[B] posted in this thread maybe someone will Look into this :wink: :)[/B]