Problems with scratched discs

I have a Plextor Premium and 716A with the latest firmwares. In Plextools when I try to read a heavily scratched CD it would hang. I didn’t think much of this, but when I try to back up a heavily scrached DVD using DVD Decrypter, I get seek errors after the first error and it’s unable to read much of the DVD afterwards. However, with my Liteon SOHW-1673s JS05 using DVDDecrypter, I get L-EC (?) errors, and after a while it will start to read the disc again. I get the same results with my LTD-166s, though with slightly more errors.

I thought Plextors were good readers, I didn’t expect a 2 year old liteon DVD-ROM to be better than the newly released plextor DVDRW at reading dvd media.

I would be interested to know if the result from the lite-on has no quality degradation (either video or audio) at that particular spot. You only mention that 1673s can read it through the end but how is the result after you burn it again?

You may want to try to set in dvd decrypter: hardware read error retries = 0 and also software read error retries = 0 or 1. Hope the plextor will skip the bad spots and read on. If that doesn’t help than I would simply suggest to rip badly scratched disk with your lite-on.

I had the same problems with my old Liteon 832s.
But with my Plex 716a nothing - in some cases when I get a really
scratched disc is the only help for me to polish it with disc repair!
Normaly plextor drives are good readers.

there is a slight hiccup at that point, but only about 10 frames worth I think.
I’m rather shocked that a liteon (which almost everyone here derides) does something much better than a plextor (which fewer people deride).

Yeah I totally agree with you there man, I notice that the plextor drives are picky on certain media even if the pi never goes to 280 and PIF is under 4. I have a liteon 1673S and disable riplock on it and it works great on scratched disc and is able to read and not hang on pi over 1000+. But my plextor 716A man I tried like 5 times on a disc that had 1000+ pi and it would just hang out there at the spot and maybe like many mins later move on I was just copying a file in windows explorer. It does do error correcting but it takes a long time, that is what I noticed on my 716A.