Problems with sata II Samsung HD080J running on GB P965 DS3

Hi there,
I was satisfied a while with this piece of hardware (yeah i know its not the greatest HDD)
but a few weeks ago i run into a weird problem.
It gives me headaches.
Sometimes the drive wont respond and i get a blue screen that says 0x000000f7 (did a search on it ) and i thought i had the solution.
The problem is everytime the HDD comes across 2/3 capacity it simply goes crazy and does weird things like the detection is meesed up and it shows as nothing in the post screen when i restart the pc (after some damn BSOD)
Everytime that happens in the history it says parity error etc.
I checked the HDD several times made a surface scan repaired it countless times and i’m out of options now.
Is there any incompatibility with the Gigybate controller or is the intel controller at fault.
Had some weird problems with the DVD-Rom (from samsung ) too and i know the jmicron controller isnt the best to use with optical drives.
Dunno what i can do to get things right again.
Is the drive simply defective or just a crazy piece of junk ?

You must have the jmicron controller set up or it won’t work…Have you tried another HDD to see if that works ?