Problems with Samsung SH-W162C

I’m having a few problems with a new W162C drive i’ve just bought. I’m running it on Windows 2000, SP4, its a secondary master, with nothing as slave. I’ve the drive set to CS. There’s a HDD and CD-RW on the Primary, and the CD-RW works just fine.
It takes about an hour and 15 mins to burn a 4 gig dvd-video, which i would imagine is a little big on the long side.
Opening some DVD’s takes ages, and quiet often freezes up the computer (causes explorer.exe to stop working properly, only way back is to start a new explorer.exe task)
I’ve had messages about I/O errors, and errors performing inpage operations (thrown up by Windows when copying data files from DVD to my hdd) if i reference those errors with the model i dont turn up anything useful in google etc.
Also, I’ve the transfer mode set to udma…and i’ve the firmware updated to TS10, straight off Samsungs website.

I’ve included all the info that i can think about, if i’ve left anything out pls rant about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to a bit of help, i’m at my wit’s end with it!

Check the result of the Nero CD-DVD Speed burst transfer test, you need a disk with some data in the drive to run the test. It should display about 23 MB/sec.
Check the DMA settings of your source and target drive.
The I/O errors you see indicate a problem with the ide cable, power supply/connection or chipset driver. Try to replace the cable with an 80-wire flatband cable and check the power connector.

Thanks for your quick reply, really appreciate that!
I had a 80-wire cable in, and i tried 3 more of them, each one kept giving the same problem. I then tried a 40pin, and it sorted out all the problems.
Only thing is, the burst transfer test came back at 12 meg/sec…
I hope that this problem isnt the result of something going wrong on my motherboard though!
Again, thanks for the help, the speed is, well, better than it was before at least!


12 MB/sec is still not UDMA2. Have you checked the DMA link ? Which chipset/motherboard/ide driver do you use ?
EDIT: Set the drive to master and try again.

Is the drive on the end of the cable? It shouldn’t be on the middle connector either.

Its a gigabyte motherboard, not sure what one, about 4 yrs old i’m sure. When i had the 80connector cable in it was coming up with UDMA as the transfer mode. Now that the 40connector is in, its only DMA, so i presume the motherboard/os can tell that during startup.
The drive is at the end of the cable, as i’m aware of the possibilities of reflections and extra noise in having it on the middle connector.
The thing thats odd now, is that it works (albeit at a slow rate) without any errors with the 40connector, but only in DMA…i have tried various other 80connector leads, but to no avail.

Thanks for all the help!