Problems with Safedisc 1.06.000 ;-Þ

Believe it or not, this old version of Safedisc is giving me problems…

The game in question is Need for Speed: High Stakes. What’s odd is that the original CD fails to authenticate when inserted in any of my burners.

I’ve successfully made a backup of it on CD-R in the past, which also fails to authenticate in burners. :stuck_out_tongue:

What I’m trying to do now is use Alcohol to mount an image on an external Firewire HDD because my laptop DVD-ROM is only about 5% operational (still under warranty, will get it replaced one of these days)… and the game won’t work in the burner.

I tried reinstalling the game from the mounted image (corrects drive letter mismatch) —> no success.
I also tried upgrading High Stakes to v4.50 —> no success.
Tried various Alcohol emulation options —> no success.

Always the same message: “Please insert game disc.”

…tried a patched v4.44 .exe file —> video mode switch —> game hangs.

BTW… I have had success with Safedisc 2.xx used for NFS: Porsche Unleased and NFS: Hot Pursuit 2.

OK… reinstalled the game again, this time using unSafedisc 1.5.5 to strip the protection off… —> same error…

So apparently this is caused by something else with the game and not the Safedisc protection at all…

Looks like I’ll have to do a full install and apply a no-cd patch. :a

are you using the standard safedisc profile in alcohol not safedisc2?I have this game and it copies fine .
ps. if you have messed around with unsafedisc and no cd cracks
are you sure you have cleaned out both your ea folder and registry before attempting a retry?? just a thought this is what I would try.

The game may be hotwired to run only from its installation drive.

In addition, with a game of that vintage it may be that it will only run from the rom with the lowest drive letter.

Yes, the problem with me lied with the fact that this game ONLY runs from the lowes possible cd/dvd-rom drive letter…
I changed the drive letter from the lowest cd/dvd-rom to the highest and changed the virtual drive (Daemon Tool) to the lowest. Now it works!



or it may only run from the drive it was installed from, quite a few older protections do that

That is not the case with this game, i tried that and it didn’t work…



I have a couple of games where the CD drive that it searches is in a Configuration file (e.g Config.ini). Take a look in some of these type of files (Another extension could be .cfg) and see what you can dig up.

Good Luck!