Problems With Running BF2 Image in Daemon Tools

I’m trying to run an .iso that a friend halped me create from Battlefield 2 in daemon tools. I’ve un-installed the original that I installed from the cd after it didnt work, and re-installed it from the image (dvd version). Now I can get to the window that says ‘play game’ and stuff, but when I click on play, it asks me to put the install disk in. Any ideas?

(Edit: I’m trying to run it in daemon tools. It was created in achohol.

Well, what it means is that either your MDF is not mounted on the Virtual drive you created using Daemon’s tools. You also have to have all the Emulation options on. If you still have problems let me know.

What are you doing with a dvd version image when you own the cd version?

Make an image/images of your cd/s and try again.

No I have the DVD version. I had just forgotten to mention that priorly so I put it in there.

I tried all the stuff you suggested ID33 and it’s still acting the same way >_<. Any other ideas?

Make your image the MDS/MDF format, make sure you select SafeDisk 2/3 when making the image, and make sure that you rename your drivers when installing Daemon Tools. That’s all I did and it works fine.

Ok this is really starting to piss me off… none of these tutorials will work for me! I have read them a milion times, but it still doesnt work! its very annoying!

Ok well anyways I have my mds image, i open up daemon tools, i mount the mds image, the battlefield 2 menu comes up, like it should but when i start battlefield or whatever it says, i still get the insert disc screen! Is there something else i have to install ? or uninstall? i read that you ahve to uninstall clone cd , but i dont have that so what could it be?

also can i burn the mini image to cd? will that work? or if burn my backup to dvd-r?

please help me!


Why not just download a mini image instead of the hassel of trying to make one yourself? I use the one by BLEH and it works great.