Problems with roxio creator LE

i am having problems with roxio recognizing my cd/dvd burner drive…it is a phillips dvd 8801…ive called dell and they’ve replaced the drive and software, but to no avail…so im kinda sick of messing with dell right now :a …and im also getting some C++ runtime error…help please?? :confused: [iTunes and windows media will burn cd’s, but i dont have a decoder for windows to burn dvds, and thats what i need roxio for anyway]

Welcome to cdfreaks. :slight_smile:

I’m not using Roxio “disaster” software so I can’t help you with that. Sorry. :sad:

But if you like to burn DVD’s and/or backup movies you own, this forum section can be a good start.

There is also a lot free software I can recommend like; CDBurnerXP Pro, DVDShrink, RipIt4Me, DVD Decrypter, ImgBurn… :wink:

I think LE means a Limited Edition , in that it has limited facilities.

Whilst I’m a long time user of Roxio products I wouldn’t suggest that you upgrade to the full product.

A good DVD burning app is ImgBurn. It’ll burn data & video DVDs quite simply & it’s free.

Another free app is CDBurnerXP Pro which is quite useful.

What was the point of the “don’t have a decoder”? Not too sure why you think you need this.

Used to use Roxio a few years ago, before realizing that there are much better (and cheaper) media burning applications/suites out there… I mainly use Nero 7, ImgBurn and Alcohol 120%. In my opinion Nero 7 is probably the best burning suite out there at the moment. Had loads of burners through the years, and whereas Roxio kept giving me warnings with some drives not being recognized (and it required update patches to overcome this), Nero never failed to recognize and utilize any of them.

You never had Nero 5 :wink:


Hey Michael, when Nero 5 came out I was mainly using the early Easy CD Creator and CDRWin on my external HP x4 CD burner, (which I nicknamed “Mr Buffer Underun”, it was supposed to be ‘top of the range’ back then, with a pricetag to match…). Welcome to Coaster Land, the thing wasn’t even USB! I was comfortable with my coaster-creation factory fuelled by Roxio and my lack of know-how, and couldn’t be bothered to start learning a new suite. So thankfully, I avoided Nero’s “growing up” period…

Well, Nero 5 wasn’t that bad :slight_smile: But it supported only the drives, that were in a kind of list. Roxio was better in that case, as there wasn’t only that list (they called that “drivers”), but also some “autodetect” feature allowing to use drives that were not directly supported.
I was using Roxio’s Easy CD Creator 5, later it was “WinOnCD” 6, that was given away for free by a german computer magazine :slight_smile: I am still using that on my notebook, as I need some features, Nero Express does not offer. :frowning:
And there is a nice game within WinOnCD to be played during the burning process :slight_smile:


Getting rather off topic here aren’t we? Not helpful to the OP.